Youth Voice Week helps young talent shape the future of music

Young musicians © Sound Connections

The global success of British music has always relied on the creativity of young people and a new initiative aims to tap into the ideas of young people to help the music industry evolve.

This October, the London-based music charity, Sound Connections, is launching Youth Voice Week 2020, a five-day programme of on-line workshops, talks and discussions to connect music professionals of today with the music professionals of the future.

Sound Connections was formed in 2002 to deliver the London Youth Music Action Zone (YMAZ). Initially, it was targeted at helping young Londoners gain access to music-making, working with schools, colleges, community groups and the music industry.

Youth Voice Week is just part of a full-time commitment by Sound Connections to provide youth participation, training and professional development, advocacy and consultancy to ensure children from birth to 25 years of age can access music and thrive through it.

Tickets for the event are available here:

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