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Youth music mapping survey launched by Welsh music fund

People working in music with young people in Wales are being asked to take part in a regional survey to map the youth music and music education sector.

The survey has been created by Anthem, the music fund set up with an initial investment from Welsh Government. The resulting database will enable Anthem to begin to consult with young people and those who work with them, to identify gaps and needs.

Anthem was set up to raise funds for, and invest in, opportunities in music for young people in Wales. Its vision is for young people aged 3-25 to be able to participate in and develop through music of all genres and in all communities.

  • Take the survey
  • The deadline for completing the survey is Friday, 10 January 2020, though the survey will be kept open until 1 February.

More about Anthem

Anthem has been established to support the Welsh Government’s long-term ambition to deliver a National Music Endowment for Wales.

The proposal subsequently received all-party support by the National Assembly for Wales. As a result, the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales are working jointly to deliver on this ambition.

A board and an interim CEO, Leonora Thompson, are now in place and the process of capitalising the fund has begun. It is unlikely that any funding will be available from this scheme until at least 2020/21.

Anthem aims:

  • to make musical opportunities more accessible to all young people aged 3-25
  • to develop musical opportunity in all genres and in all communities
  • to identify and nurture talent and ability
  • to support career pathways in music and the music industry

These objectives also dovetail with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, supporting the objectives that are based upon the notions of sustaining a vibrant culture, an equal, healthier, more resilient and prosperous Wales.