Yamaha to present ‘Silent Piano Sessions’

Yamaha Music London has announced details of its free concert series, The Silent Piano Sessions.

Each concert will be performed on Yamaha’s new Silent Piano, an acoustic piano with pioneering Silent Technology which allows audience members to listen to the CFX Concert Grand – a piano 19 years in the making – through wireless headphones.

For its Silent Pianos, Yamaha’s goal was to make a true acoustic piano which can be played using headphones – making the piano silent to anyone else in the room. When activated, Silent Technology captures every movement of the piano keys, hammers and pedals, using sophisticated sensor-technology. Crucially, it also brings each hammer to a stop before it can strike the strings. All these movements are translated by the Silent Module which sends an authentic piano tone to headphones.

Other Silent Piano features include:

  • a range of pre-installed sounds
  • connectivity to mobile devices

The Silent Piano Sessions take place at Yamaha Music London as follows:

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