William Wates Memorial Trust awards Abram Wilson Foundation £50,000 over three years

The William Wates Memorial Trust has come on board as the first ever multi-year funder of music education charity, the Abram Wilson Foundation (AWF).

The Trust has approved a three-year grant of £50,000 which will go towards supporting the charity’s arts education strand, Achieve Your Greatness (AYG). The grant will enable AWF to reach 8,000 children and young people based at 10 ongoing partnering schools and youth organisations in deprived areas of London and Birmingham through assemblies, performances and workshops. Participants will be monitored for their improvement in important transferable and artistic skills which fall under AWF’s 5Cs:

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking

Jonny Wates, Trustee of the William Wates Memorial Trust, said:

‘The William Wates Memorial Trust is excited to be helping the Abram Wilson Foundation increase the scale and quality of their impact through their Achieve Your Greatness programme. They are expert in encouraging young people, many of whom have little exposure to the joy of the performing arts, to get involved and to learn and grow through participation.’

Header photo: The Abram Wilson Foundation supports young people to become the greatest version of themselves through music © Remy Archer

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