Universal Edition and Stauffer Center launch digital sheet music project

Palazzo Stauffer

The publisher has announced the world’s first implementation of the UE Digital Library in partnership with the newly opened Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona, Italy.

Access to the UE Digital Library will provide Stauffer Center students with hundreds of works for strings from the UE sheet music catalogue in digital form via iPad and web. Repertoire includes masterworks by Arvo Pärt, Béla Bartók, Leoš Janáček, Frank Martin and many more.

Musicians can access the library on-site and retrieve the parts and scores of these works via tablets. In this way, they can conveniently and quickly access the extensive catalogue while working and enjoy the additional benefits of digital scores. In this way, the Stauffer Center lives up to its mission of advancing education, research, composition, production, management and innovation, while Universal Edition continues to expand the realisation of its mission, ‘We shape the future of music’.

Stauffer Center General Director Paolo Petrocelli said, ‘Our artistic vision is based on innovation, sustainability, internationalism, and absolute quality, and so I could not be more delighted with this important partnership with Universal Edition, which places the Center at the forefront of technological advances within the higher education of music.’

The UE Digital Library uses getnote, a digital distribution software for sheet music developed by Universal Edition AG, so that the sheet music can be accessed via Newzik.

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