UK music ed startup SYNKii launches new online teaching platform

SYNKii teacher

A young British company has developed an enhanced peer-to-peer video system for hosting music lessons online to support teachers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Co-founders Lawrence Jenner and Boram Choi created the SYNKii platform to address numerous problems that music teachers face with existing software like Zoom and Skype.

With many teachers making the switch to online music lessons during the pandemic, Jenner and Choi – themselves music professionals – saw an opportunity to create an intuitive and user-friendly system specifically for the music teaching market.

Jenner, a professional bassist and music educator, said, ‘SYNKii was created to simplify the set-up process for music teachers working online, whether they were forced online due to the pandemic, or because they just have an open mind to the possibilities of what can be achieved remotely’.

Co-founder Boram Choi explained, ‘As a piano teacher, I needed an online tool that could transfer my knowledge as clearly as possible to my students. Technology offers new ways to transfer that knowledge more effectively, and through SYNKii we believe we can unleash this potential’.

The founders’ vision goes far beyond video calls. Looking to the future, Jenner and Choi are exploring how to synchronise real-time audio, opening a world of possibilities for long-distance collaboration using acoustic instruments. As online remote learning becomes further embedded within music education and practice, they believe that these tools will be invaluable to music teachers and students worldwide.

SYNKii co-founder Boram Choi introduces the platform

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