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UK General Election Manifesto 2019: Conservative Party

Summary of findings from a recent Tri-borough Music Hub project in London which placed ten musicians to work with ten early childhood practitioners, each from a different setting. Published in April 2019.

The Conservative Party won the UK’s General Election on 12 December 2019 on the back of the manifesto shown below.

MUSIC:ED has published the manifesto document for reference by MUSIC:ED readers as the new government writes and implements its new policies – relating to education, music and the music industry. No editorial endorsement of the document is implied.

‘Invest in our schools’ – page 13

  • Includes pledge of ‘arts premium’ to secondary schools ‘to fund enriching activities for all pupils’. ‘We retain our commitment to the core subjects and also want young people to learn creative skills and widen their horizons’

‘Levelling up Britain’s skills’ – page 36

  • Includes pledge of £2bn to upgrade further education college estate

‘World-leading universities’ – page 37

  • ‘We will work to maintain and strengthen our global position in higher education’

‘Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ – page 40

  • Dubbed ‘The Brexit Festival’, this event will ‘encourage our leading arts and cultural organisations, universities, research institutes and businesses to come together to inspire the next generation in British innovation and creativity’

Publication date: November 2019

[pdf-embedder url=”https://musiceducation.global/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/5dda924905da587992a064ba_Conservative-2019-Manifesto.pdf” title=”Conservative Party Manifesto 2019″]