UK events industry expresses outrage at government lack of action

The National Outdoor Events Association’s (NOEA) President, Tom Clements, has issued a stinging rebuke, accusing the government of destroying the industry while bailing out the cultural sector.

In a press release, NOEA said, ‘This government is supporting the theatre, culture and arts whilst discriminating and killing the event industry and the many event suppliers who are the industry’s backbone.’

The outdoor events industry includes over 25,000 businesses and employs around quarter of a million people, many of whom have been excluded from the government’s income support schemes, according to the association. Although music plays a large part in these events, Tom Clements believes the government has deliberately omitted his members from the recovery plans.

Clements commented, ‘We have been ignored and discriminated against once again, with other industries prioritised. This means thousands of businesses and people in our industry will lose their livelihoods.

A wilful destruction of our industry

‘We condemn the lack of action from this government. It is our opinion, that of our members but, the wider event industry and its long supply chain, that this is tantamount to a wilful destruction of our industry.

‘At some point in the future, government ministers and MPs will be looking to take the stage at a major sporting event, sing the praises of our globally respected festival industry, meet communities at country & agricultural shows, or pose for photo opportunities at Hogmanay or the end of year fireworks night; and the industry that produces them just won’t be there anymore.’

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