Trinity College offers online grades and diplomas

From November this year, music students will be able to obtain their Trinity College qualifications by uploading videos of their exams performances and technical work.

Although prompted by the Covid-19 lockdown, the exam board sees this development as a permanent offering to students unable to attend exams in person. Students will be required to upload a seamless, unedited one-camera video of their exam pieces and technical work.

Assessment of supporting tests and session skills in Music Graded Exams will not be part of the submission but the examiners will be applying additional performance to assess key musical skills within the context of the whole recital. Exam requirements for Music Performance Diplomas will remain unchanged.

Trinity College stresses that the results will have the same UCAS points value as live exams and will not be using a calculated result. Live exams may continue in some countries, but while the pandemic crisis continues, the new system offers an opportunity to students around the world.

Further information about live exams at Trinity affiliates in 60 countries can be found on the Trinity College website. The digital exams are only available for solo grades and the Music Performance Fellow of Trinity College, London qualification is not part of the scheme at present.

Details for applying for online assessment will be published soon on the Trinity College website.

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