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The Rattle opens creative space in Los Angeles

One of Los Angeles longest-running film studios is seeing a new lease of life as a production, business and innovation hub for music collective The Rattle

One of Los Angeles longest-running film studios is seeing a new lease of life as a production, business and innovation hub for music collective The Rattle.

Mack Sennett opened Keystone Studios before the First World War and stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, W C Fields and Bing Crosby filmed some of their early work there. It was, of course, the home of the Keystone Cops comedies.

Now, The Rattle, the London-based music operation, is establishing Mack Sennett Studios as a one-stop shop for tracking, mixing, writing, performing, filming and broadcasting facilities. The studios feature a 150-capacity venue, a large soundstage and co-working and community spaces.

But it is much more than a facilities house. The Rattle is creating a nurturing space for creative ideas, with all the support needed for artists and inventors to follow their own innovative path.

Over two years, The Rattle has grown into a 300 strong international collective of music artists, technology inventors, entrepreneurs, technicians and innovators aimed at re-shaping the business model of music.

Helen Sartory, Director of Rattle LA, said, ‘We are looking for the future leaders of creative and cultural movements to come and join us at Rattle LA and prove that there is a better way to develop creative founders and build sustainable start-ups around culturally important are and inventions.’

Opening just three days before the US lockdown in March, Rattle LA has continued with its plans undeterred, assembling a founding community of 30 music, arts and technology professionals.

These members include Incorrigible Entertainment (https://www.incorrigibleentertainment.com/), a ‘heroine-centric’ operatic producer that uses virtual reality technology, RYSE, the online music collaboration network, and Dozier, the electronic artist Alexandria Rowan, who has created a ‘sonic artverse’ called Animas for creative people and their fans to come together.

As with The Rattle’s London site, artists work on an equity-sharing basis with The Rattle providing its facilities, networking skills and mentoring, as well as helping find funding where necessary. In Rowan’s case, this has left her free to explore her art while The Rattle has kept an eye on logistical and strategic aspects of her project.

Rowan has much to say about working within The Rattle’s community. ‘Working with The Rattle has helped me quickly ascend to the next level and bring to fruition my dream for a narrative-based open-world dimension,’ she says. ‘They helped me kickstart my ideas by connecting with industry trailblazers in gaming, VR and music.’

The next phase in the history of Mack Sennett’s studios echoes the innovative, artist-development culture that he created over a century ago. As then, The Rattle aims to be a cultural and innovative hub at the heart of the open-minded, artistic, rebellious Silverlake area of Los Angeles, where it is based.

‘At our core, we believe deeply in investing in and empowering visionaries who want to change the world for the better,’ says Sartory.

More information: www.wearetherattle.com