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Classical:NEXT 2021

The mission of Classical:NEXT is to unite all professionals who identify with classical and art music, providing them with a place to meet and connect, do business, brainstorm, create and be inspired

Yong Siew Toh Piano Academy

The YST Piano Academy invites outstanding young piano talents to Singapore for a three-day intensive training course, during which they go through daily lessons with YST piano faculty Prof Thomas Hecht and Assoc Prof Albert Tiu, specialised…

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Wind Academy

Calling all ambitious young wind players! Would you like to perform with musicians from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, make new friends and develop your musicianship? Join us for our first SCO Wind Academy in partnership with St Mary’s…

Musicians’ Union Orchestra Section Conference

The MU’s fifth annual Orchestra Section Conference, giving members the opportunity to discuss topics of the moment. The conference includes panel discussions and opportunities to network. Visit the MU website for further information.…

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