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AOTOS conference programmes offer unique benefits. \n\nInsight into different approaches from some of the most distinguished teachers of singing worldwide\nUnderstanding the demands of the profession\nPresentations by international teachers\, artists and voice specialists of all kinds\nMeeting colleagues from all over the world\nDiscovering opportunities to develop your career\n\nConferences also provide a very valuable opportunity – especially for new and less experienced teachers – to share ideas and experiences\, and to encourage each other. Indeed one of the original raisons d’être of AOTOS when it was founded by Dr W.H. Swinburne in 1975 was to address the problem of lack of communication between singing teachers. He is quoted as having said: ‘Why do instrumentalists talk about their techniques\, and singers have their own methods\, never discussing anything?’. We hope that over the years AOTOS has helped in some way to dispel this attitude. \nAt our conferences we listen to talks from very learned people in our professions. We also have the opportunity to bring our own difficulties and questions\, and to seek comments on these from our colleagues either in open forum\, or simply by just chatting amongst ourselves in the extended meal breaks\, and – in the case of the summer conference – in the evenings\, often in the bar \nSummer Conference 2019: Refresh\, recharge\, revitalise!\nWays to move forward with your singing teaching \n \nAbout the event\nWhat does it mean to be a singing teacher in 2019? This conference pulls together many of the skills today’s teachers need in their armoury – from CCM teaching and classical song to science\, languages\, marketing\, communication\, and health… \nSpeakers/presenters\n\nJono McNeil Rock\, pop and CCM (contemporary commercial music) – topics TBC\nMary Hammond Transferring classical singing technique to pop and musical theatre\nPaul Harris If my pupils would only practise more!\nJanet Shell The emotionally intelligent teacher: how to create a positive learning environment\nChristopher Goldsack What makes the voice work? The physics of the voice\, and does it really matter?\nPaul Deegan The Ships of Arcady: the moving story of the poet Francis Ledwidge\nKathleen McKellar Ferguson Taste the text and smell it first: a masterclass with students\nChristopher Goldsack and Janet Shell Preparing students to work with languages\, with a practical guide to the International Phonetics Alphabet.\nAngela Durrant Engaging with the ether: online singing lessons and using social media to market your singing business\nJoanne Edworthy How singing enhances the lives of people with Parkinson’s\n\n URL: LOCATION:Woodland Grange\, Old Milverton Lane\, Leamington Spa\, CV32 6RN\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Conferences,Courses,Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: GEO:52.3100367;-1.5419059 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Woodland Grange Old Milverton Lane Leamington Spa CV32 6RN United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Old Milverton Lane:geo:-1.5419059,52.3100367 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190721T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190804T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T155824Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135904Z SUMMARY:X International Summer Piano Academy Disentis\, Switzerland DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe International Summer Piano Academy Disentis is a unique\, intensive two-week educational program for young pianists. \nThe course aims to discover\, to support and to promote young outstanding international pianists. Participants have an opportunity to develop their skills\, to work on repertoire and to extend the results onto the concert stage. \nThe course brings together young pianists with professors\, musicologists and leading journalists of the modern piano world. Over two weeks\, the participants will get regular tuition\, attend lectures\, seminars and workshops; they will perform in house concerts and public concerts. \nSome of the students will be recommended for participation in the concert series ‘Musik an der ETH’ in Zurich; most advanced students will also be able to receive financial support from our sponsors for their further education. \nHighlights \n\nPrivate tuition with renowned artists\nWorkshops and lectures of the leading experts of the modern piano world\nWeekend workshop with Bruno Monsaingeon\nConcert opportunities\nStudying in the atmosphere of music and creativity\nSport activities\nAccommodation with full board at the Disentis Abbey\nExclusive location  amidst the Graubündner Mountains at the sources of  Rhein\n\n\nGeneral information\nEligibility \nYoung pianists aged 15-35 presently studying or graduates of a music institution who wish to deepen their understanding of music and performing arts\, to enlarge their knowledge of the process of music making and to widen their artistic horizons\, those who have in view to make music their profession are welcome to take part in the work of the International Piano Summer Academy. \nLanguage \nGerman\, French\, English\, Russian. Working knowledge of one of these languages is required. \nFacilities \n\nThe International Summer Piano Academy provides all students with accommodation (single room) and full board during the entire period of their staying at Disentis Abbey.\nEvery student receives five one-hour individual lessons.\nPianos are available for practicing.\nHouse concerts and public concerts will feature most advanced students. Participation in concerts is encouraged\, though is not obligatory.\nThe students have free access to all activities of the course including other professors’ lessons\, lectures\, seminars\, to all house and public concerts\, and to all sport facilities (hiking\, tennis\, badminton and ping-pong).\nThe Abbey can accommodate members of the participant’s family for a period chosen: a subject of early booking; special charges apply.\n\nListeners \nThe Academy welcomes everybody who is wishing to participate in its work as a listener. Listeners enjoy the same privileges as students; however\, they do not receive private tuition. \nVenue: Disentis Abbey \nFounded in the 8th century\, Disentis Abbey is today the spiritual and educational centre of the Upper Rhine Valley (Vorderrheintal). The location of the Abbey provides Summer School participants not only with a very special and inspiring framework for the course\, but also provides the necessary background for both relaxation and concentration. \nTravel \n\nParticipants should arrange their travel to Disentis so that they are available at 15.00 on 21 July 2019\, reparting at 10.00 on 4 August 2019.\nTravel costs are additional to course costs.\nThe nearest airport is Zurich\nTrain travel: as follows: Zurich – Chur – Disentis\nBy car: Zurich – Chur – Disentis\n\nFor further details\, please\, consult your travel agent or \nFaculty\nProfessors\n\nLeslie Howard\nAndrea Lucchesini\nJura Margulis\nKonstantin Scherbakov\nRena Shereshevskaya\nElżbieta Stefańska (piano/cembalo)\n\nLecturers\n\nGustav Alink\nHarold Clarkson\nPeter Paul Kainrath\nRalf Niesel\n\nArtistic Director\n\nNina Orotchko\n\nWorkshop\n\nBruno Monsaingeon\n\nRegistration and fees\nApplications are possible for the whole period only. \nApplicants should fill in the application form online and must provide: \n\na letter of recommendation from their teacher or another professional musician\na cassette recording (audio tape\, CD or DVD recording) (not required from former Academy students)\nthe repertoire they desire to work on during the course (at least three different concert pieces)\napplication fee of CHF 100.- payable to ‘Musical Discovery’ in a check or money order or via electronic transfer. The fee is exclusive of the course costs and is not refundable\n\nApplication deadline: 21 June 2019 \nCancellation policy \n\nafter June 21\, 2019: half of the fee will be refunded\nafter July 5\, 2019: paid fee will not be refunded\n\nStudent: CHF 2\,500\nIncl. 5 hours private tuition\, 14 days accommodation (single room)\, full board\, free admission to all Academy’ activities\, such as concerts and lectures; participation in concerts\, practicing facilities. \nListener (2 weeks) CHF 1\,700\nIncl. 14 days accommodation (single room)\, full board\, free admission to all Academy’s activities\, such as concerts and lectures. \nListener (1 week) CHF 850\nIncl. 7 days accommodation (single room)\, full board\, free admission to all Academy’s activities\, such as concerts and lectures. \nListener (1 day) CHF 30\nAdmission to the lessons\, lectures and concerts of the day \nThe course fee must be paid within four weeks after the receipt of the letter of acceptance. \n URL: LOCATION:Disentis\, Disentis\, Switzerland CATEGORIES:Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:46.7051127;8.8523754 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190721T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190728T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T161425Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135905Z SUMMARY:Sherborne Choral Course 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nJoin promising young singers and musicians from across the country on the inaugural Sherborne Choral Course for a week in the beautiful Dorset town of Sherborne. \n\nSing Choral Evensong in the historic Abbey\, and receive expert tuition in a school renowned for its musical tradition\, with access to first-rate facilities and three stunning organs.\nWork with composers and conductors John Rutter CBE and Bob Chilcott\, refining your technique and enhancing your application for a university choral or organ scholarship.\n\nThe Sherborne Choral Course is an opportunity not to be missed. Open to anyone aged 15 to 18\, it attracts some of the country’s finest young vocal talent. \n\nDevelop your talent and enhance your experience in choral singing\nThe Sherborne Choral Course offers a wonderful opportunity to sing evensong in an historic Abbey\, working with some of the country’s leading composers and educationalists. Our programme is designed to nurture your talents\, helping enhance your application for a university choral scholarship. Thanks to the residential nature of the course\, you will learn from each other in a supportive yet stretching environment. \nWe’re attracting the very best young vocal talent in the country: people between the ages of 15 and 18 with a passion for music\, a love of singing\, and a desire to learn more about the Church’s choral tradition. \nDuring the course of the week\, you will: \n\nSing Evensong and a Eucharist in Sherborne Abbey and daily Compline in the School Chapel\nLearn a new piece composed and conducted by John Rutter CBE\nWork with the composer Bob Chilcott and Sherborne’s Director of Music James Henderson\, as well as a team of specialist tutors and instrumentalists\nReceive one-to-one singing tuition\nParticipate in barbershop and opera chorus workshops\nForm friendships with your fellow singers\, sharing tips and insights about applying for university choral scholarships\n\nIf you have a passion for music and a desire to take your singing further\, the Sherborne Choral Course provides a wonderful experience that will live with you forever. \n\nAbout Sherborne\nVisitors to Sherborne can’t fail to notice the beautiful Benedictine Abbey standing at the very heart of the town. In its shadow are the historic buildings of Sherborne School – a prestigious boys’ boarding school with a strong choral tradition\, playing a full part in the liturgical life of the church. \nThat makes it the perfect setting for a summer choral school that develops the talents of boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18. We attract a diverse group of attendees from a range of backgrounds\, distinguished by their vocal excellence. \nSherborne is easily accessible by rail or road\, with good links to London\, the South West and the North of England. It is a town of modest proportions\, but by no means lacking in vibrancy. Thanks to the presence of two high-profile boarding schools\, it is a place of intellectual energy and cultural stimulation. Its pretty high street is close to the School campus\, meaning ready access to cafés\, shops and supermarkets. \nChoral Course attendees stay in Sherborne School accommodation\, with girls and boys in separate houses. Everyone eats in the excellent School refectory and enjoys access to our brilliant School facilities. A pastoral team is on hand throughout the week\, providing care and support at every turn. \nSherborne is a wonderful home from home\, boasting stunning architecture\, a tangible sense of history\, and a warm\, friendly atmosphere. Along with the Abbey and our own School Chapel\, there are few finer locations to expand your horizons and prepare for your future as a singer. \nAbout our team\nA high-profile team of professional musicians and educators delivers the Sherborne Choral Course. Here is a brief guide to the main tutors. \nJohn Rutter CBE\nJohn Rutter is one of the best-known English composers and conductors of his generation. His music is characterised by beautiful melodies that resonate with audiences around the world. \nLonger compositions include Requiem\, Gloria\, Mass of the Children and The Gift of Life\, while his shorter pieces are justifiably famous. Many will be familiar with anthems such as For the Beauty of the Earth\, All Things Bright and Beautiful and The Lord Bless You and Keep You both from their extensive radio play and from performing them in concert. \nJohn was Director of Music at Clare College\, Cambridge\, and leads the Cambridge Singers\, who have made more than 50 recordings since the 1980s. He established the Collegium record label in 1983. \nJohn will be sharing a new composition at the Sherborne Choral Course\, leading the choir through rehearsals and conducting them during evensong in Sherborne Abbey. \nBob Chilcott\nBob Chilcott has been described by The Observer as a “contemporary hero of choral music” – an epithet that neatly captures his contribution to the British choral tradition. Bob was a choral scholar at King’s College\, Cambridge and performed with the highly popular King’s Singers for 12 years. \nWith a particular reputation for compositions that engage young people\, Bob is renowned for his friendly style. His St John Passion\, Salisbury Vespers and Requiem are well known to many\, both as recordings and performance pieces. They speak of his immersion in the Church’s choral tradition\, but Bob’s expertise does not end there. As Principal Guest Conductor of the BBC Singers since 2002\, he knows how to bring the best out of any choir\, whether they are preparing for a great liturgical act or to perform a piece of secular music in concert. \nJames Henderson\nAs Director of Music at Sherborne School\, James oversees the Sherborne Choral Course and is a lead tutor and conductor. \nAn experienced tutor on similar courses elsewhere in the country\, James is steeped in the Church’s musical traditions. He regularly conducts Sherborne’s choir as it leads services in the Abbey\, and works closely with the clergy and staff team to ensure that the music is of the very highest quality. \nJames came to Sherborne in 2005 having previously been involved with the music at Christ Church Cathedral\, Oxford\, and having been Director of Music at Portsmouth Grammar School where he worked with the London Mozart Players in the Portsmouth Festivities. Thanks in no small part to his visionary leadership of the department\, Sherborne is widely recognised as one of the country’s foremost independent schools for Music. Indeed\, The Week named the School ‘Best for Music’ in its Independent Schools Guide – a well-deserved accolade that underscores the credentials of its Choral Course. \nRegistration and fees\nVisit the Sherborne Choral Course website to register online. \nPlaces cost £650\, including all accommodation and meals.  \n\nAssistance with costs is available on application and is means tested.\nBook by 1st January 2019 for a 25% discount reducing the cost to £487.50.\n\n URL: LOCATION:Sherborne School\, Abbey Road\, Sherborne\, Dorset\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Sherborne%20School" GEO:50.9477108;-2.5174516 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Sherborne School Abbey Road Sherborne Dorset United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Abbey Road:geo:-2.5174516,50.9477108 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190721T210000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T162219Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135904Z SUMMARY:Oxford Cello School 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe Oxford Cello School (OCS) is an international cello and double bass summer school founded in 1980 by Marianne Gottfeldt to provide a unique opportunity for cellists and bassists to focus on their instrument and receive the very best tuition in an intensive environment. \nThis remains our philosophy. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff\, as well as other course members\, provide inspiration and encouragement which stimulates students to develop previously unexploited potential. \nSince its establishment the OCS has been proud to welcome students of all ages\, backgrounds\, nationalities and abilities. Our orchestras take advantage of the cello’s unrivalled versatility and have performed a vast repertoire of works from all musical eras including pieces from eminent modern composers commissioned by the OCS. \nWe take the task of helping players to improve very seriously and our excellent staff/student relationship creates the ideal relaxed atmosphere in which to achieve fantastic results. Flexibility is always a priority and we consider the individual needs of each and every student to be of paramount importance. \nWe look forward to working with you to make a year’s progress in a week! \n\nCourses\nPerformance courses \n\nPerformance (27 July – 3 August)\nPerformance Plus (24 July – 3 August)\n\nAdvanced courses \n\nAdvanced (27 July – 3 August)\nAdvanced Plus (24 July – 3 August)\n\nIntermediate courses \n\nIntermediate (27 July – 3 August)\nIntermediate Plus (24 July – 3 August)\n\nJunior course (24-28 July) \nExam booster course (29 July – 2 August) \nAdult diploma course (21-28 July) \nAdult advanced course (21-28 July) \nAdult improvers courses \n\nAdult improvers (21-25 July)\nAdult improvers Plus (21-28 July)\n\nDouble-bass teaching for cello teachers course (25-26 July) \n\nHonorary President: Leonid Gorokhov\nPatrons: Alexander Baillie\, Philip Sheppard\, David Strange\, Raphael Wallfisch\nDirectors: Stephen Gottfeldt\, Samantha Morgan \nFaculty\nVisiting professors 2019\n\nSung Won Yang\nCatherine Ardagh-Walter\nPierre Doumenge\n\nTeaching staff 2019\n\nKwêsi Edman\nPaul Cox\nElizabeth Parkin\nErin James\nElizabeth Harré\nClaire Babington\nMatthew Forbes\nKaty Cox\nDavid Kadumukasa\nTim Smedley\nHelen Downham\nChris Doggett\nPeteris Sokolovskis\nHannah Monkhouse\nArthur Boutillier\nLawrence Durkin\nTristan Horne\nSergio Serra\nMike Nowland\n\nRegistration and fees\nTo register online\, please visit the Oxford Cello School website. \n URL: CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Oxford%20Cello%20School" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190723T103000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190728T163000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T150259Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135804Z SUMMARY:Royal College of Organists The Organ Student Experience (TOSE) 2019 DESCRIPTION:About The Organ Student Experience (TOSE)\nWhether you are applying for or considering a university organ scholarship\, entry to a conservatoire\, taking up a gap-year organ scholarship\, or simply looking to develop your musicianship\, this Royal College of Organists course is for you. Just be sure to be of grade 7 standard or higher by the time the course takes place. \nUnder the artistic direction of Daniel Moult\, you will receive detailed tuition in repertoire playing\, performance skills\, technique\, keyboard skills\, choral directing and choral accompaniment. \nWe are based once again at Trinity College\, Cambridge with its celebrated and recently refurbished Metzler organ and many other practice facilities. Book early to guarantee a place and to secure the early bird rate which is available until 28 February. We welcome applications for bursaries (apply by 1 May at the latest). \nKey features\n\nExpert and inspiring teaching team with huge combined experience of music making and teaching at the highest level\nReceive tuition on many of the superb organs in Cambridge\nSing and direct choral services in Cambridge University college chapels\nGain insights into university and conservatoire organ auditions\nAttend concerts by recent competition winners\, Callum Alger and Johannes Krahl\nMake lasting friendships and forge vital connections both in classes and in the lively social programme\nBursaries available from the RCO to help with the cost of the fees (see below for details)\nAccommodation in single\, ensuite rooms\nSupervision from experienced pastoral staff\n\nTeachers\n\nDaniel Moult\, Course Director and head of the highly acclaimed organ department at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. One of the UK’s most versatile organists and hugely in demand as a concert organist and organ teacher and with many CD and DVD recordings to his name.\nSarah Baldock\, trail-blazing UK organist and choral director with prestigious cathedral and education appointments throughout her career. Prize winner at various international organ competitions. Another exciting addition to the vibrant TOSE team!\nTom Bell\, highly acclaimed UK performer\, teacher and animateur\, with a particular interest in contemporary music and cross-arts collaboation\, and Director of RCO North. A very popular TOSE teacher returns!\nTansy Castledine\, a dynamic and renowned musician and choral director\, who we are delighted to welcome to TOSE for the first time! Recently appointed Director of Music at Peterborough Cathedral.\nHenry Fairs\, stellar UK organist and teacher. Associate Head of Organ at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and holding visiting and honorary professorships at Leipzig’s Musikhochschule and the University of St Andrews.\nErwan le Prado\, award winning\, charismatic performer and teacher. Renowned across Europe\, and based at St Etienne\, Caen with its superlative Cavaillé-Coll organ.\nSimon Williams\, Director for RCO East\, South and South West and Organist & Director of Music at St George’s Church\, Hanover Square in London’s West End.\n\nRegistration and fees\nVisit the Royal College of Organists website to book online. \nFees (the first figure given is for RCO Student Members; the second for non-Members) \n\nEarly-bird rates (available till 28 February) for those paying the fees in full: £630/£665\nBooking before 28 February but paying a deposit only (minimum £50\, balance due by 31 May) or booking from 1 March: £660/£695\nBed and Breakfast for the nights of Monday 24 and Sunday 28 July may be offered subject to availability and for an additional charge to be confirmed nearer the time. Please email to discus your needs.\n\nIf applying for a bursary please book your course place as soon as possible and before 1 May\, paying the deposit only\, and complete and return the bursary application form as soon as possible and before 1 May. \nClick here to download the bursary application form and here for general information about RCO bursaries.\nClick to email us with any questions. \nJoin the RCO \nStudent Membership costs £55 a year and is renewable on 1 July. The half-year rate for those joining between 1 January and 31 March is just £25 so why not join us and save the cost of the half-year membership by getting the £35 Student Member discount on the course fees! Those joining in the period April–June each year receive up to 15 months membership for the price of 12.\nClick here for further information. \n URL: LOCATION:Trinity College Cambridge\, Cambridge\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:52.205337;0.121817 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190724T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190805T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T102739Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135804Z SUMMARY:BISYOC Intercultural Youth Orchestra Exchange DESCRIPTION:About the course\nBISYOC 2019 will take place in Struga\, Republic of North Macedonia. \n\nPLACES STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2019 \nViola\, Bassoon\, Oboe\, Clarinet\, Tuba\, Trombone\, Bass Trombone \nWe can still accept limited numbers of applications in the following sections: Violin\, Cello\, Double Bass\, Horn\, Trumpet\, Piano (pianist with orchestral experience preferred). You may be placed on a waiting list if no place is currently available. \n\nApply now \nWhat is BISYOC?\nWe create an international youth orchestra of 80 players every summer for 12 days. Players come from all over the world (20 countries participated last time). We’ve been doing this for the past 18 years – and in many different locations: Norway\, Austria\, Spain\, Germany\, Malta and the United Kingdom. This year it’s in Struga\, a multicultural town with a perfect summer climate\, on the shore of Lake Ohrid (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). \nAge-range\nBISYOC is for musicians aged 18 to 30. \nOrchestral concert repertoire\nThe orchestral repertoire for 2019 is: \nTrajko Prokopiev Labin i Dojrana\nKhatchaturian Adagio from Spartakus\nMussorgsky/Stokowski Night on a Bare Mountain\nBernstein Symphonic Dances from West Side Story \nRehearsal format\nAll rehearsals are in English. They include full orchestral tutti and instrumental section rehearsals with our international team of specialist tutors. Meet the Tutor Team for 2019 \nIn addition\, music sessions include opportunities to participate in chamber music to develop and extend musicianship skills \nTop 3 reasons young musicians choose BISYOC\n# 1 International Friendship\n# 2 Value\n# 3 Musical Quality and Learning \nWhat will I do there?\nYou’ll rehearse the music daily\, for most of the day\, and perform concerts. Music-making is what it’s all about. You’ll get expert input from our international team of professional musicians (specialist tutors for every instrumental section). But what really makes BISYOC unique is the mix of people. Opportunities for cultural interaction are immense\, so plenty of time is dedicated to that too. Everybody who comes to BISYOC wants to meet others who share their passion about playing music and meeting new people. \nInformation\n\nPlease visit our website for complete information\nContact:\n\nHow to participate\nApply online via our website. You must read the terms and conditions first \nAccommodation\nAll participants will stay in the Solferino Hotel\, 10 minutes’ walk from rehearsal venues and close to the local school which will be used for evening cultural activities. All meals and accommodation are included in the price. \n\nBISYOC Tutor Team 2019\nFernando Zorita – Violin (Spain)\nFernando Zorita is a member of the Asturias Symphony Orchestra (OSPA)\, while also freelancing as leader for several orchestras around Spain such as Vigo Opera\, Opera Studio and Magistralia. Fernando teaches at the Oviedo Conservatory and coaches the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Asturias (JOSPA) and other youth orchestras in Spain. \nPilar Andrino – Violin (Spain)\nPilar Andrino has been a violin tutor at BISYOC since it started in 2001. She studied violin at the Salamanca Conservatory with Isabel Vilá\, and also studied with Jens Ellerman in Germany. She teaches violin at the Salamanca Conservatory and plays in the Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilia y Leon. She is also involved in a music education programme for very young children. \nCristina Gestido – Viola (Spain/UK)\nCristina Gestido is BMUS and MMUS graduated from the Royal College of Music\, London\, under professor Lawrence Power. She works regularly with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and freelances with orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic\, Scottish Chamber and Asturias Symphony Orchestra. She is also a an experienced recitalist and chamber musician\, playing in many venues including Fundación Juan March in Madrid and St. Martin-in-the-fields in London. \nEvridiki Iliadou – Cello (Greece/Germany)\nEvrydiki Iliadou studied in Nuremberg under Professor S.V. Hausegger. She was a member of the Symphonie Orchestra in Konstanz (Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz) and participated in concerts with several other German orchestras. She later moved to Cologne\, where she worked as freelance musician with various Chamber Orchestras and Ensembles including Folkwang Kammerorchester Essen\, Kölner Kammerorchester\, Kammerphilharmonie Köln and Neues Rheinisches Kammerorchester\, while teaching at Kölner Musikakademie and Musikschule Küsche. She also worked as principal cellist with Flora Symphonie Orchestra\, a role which combined playing and teaching. Since 2018 she has lived in Greece where she now works freelance. \nDavid Kenihan – Double Bass (UK)\nDavid Kenihan studied in Melbourne with John Mowson\, then with John Foster\, and worked with orchestras in Australia before moving to Italy to have lessons with Lucio Bucarella in Rome. He then moved to England for lessons with Rodney Slatford and Gerry Drucker\, and worked with London and regional orchestras. He subsequently spent seven years with the Halle in Manchester\, and is currently sub-principal double bass with the Bournemouth Symphony. He combines playing with teaching\, as a tutor at various summer schools and as an active member in the BSO’s education program. \nHelga Zuccaro – Flute (Italy/Germany)\nHelga Zuccaro began her studies at the Conservatoire in her home city of Trento in Italy. She then went to Germany\, first to Münster and then to Freiburg\, where she completed her studies under Prof. Robert Aitken. Two years of playing in the Duisburg Sinfonia (Deutsche Oper am Rhein) and Münster Symphony Orchestra rounded off her flute studies. In Freiburg and more recently in Cologne (Germany) she has been working freelance. She prefers playing in smaller chamber music groups. She teaches at the University in Koblenz. \nDario Golcic – Oboe (Croatia)\nDario Golcic studied oboe with Heinz Holliger and Christian Schmitt. He has won many oboe competitions in Croatia. As a soloist he has played with chamber orchestras from Freiburg\, Heidelberg\, Basel and Zagreb. He teaches the oboe at Zagreb Music Academy and plays solo oboe in the Croatian Radio Symphony Orchestra. \nDomagoj Pavlovic – Clarinet (Croatia)\nDomagoj Pavlovic graduated in clarinet in 2001\, from the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of Josip Tonzetic. He then continued his postgraduate studies till 2005. As a soloist and member of chamber ensembles he has performed throughout Croatia and abroad. He is a member of the Zagreb Woodwind Trio and Duo Clarp (with harpist Mirjana Kriskovic). He also performs regularly with the Porin String Quartet\, the Zagreb String Quartet\, the Croatian Chamber Orchestra and the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. He has made several recordings for Croatian Radio. Since 2002 he has been a soloist in the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra. \nMichael Dooley – Bassoon (Ireland)\nMichael Dooley is an honours graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin. He began his bassoon studies with Martin Prynn (London Mozart Players) and followed on with Graham Salvage (Halle Orchestra). He has worked as a freelance bassoonist at home and abroad and works with the RTE Concert Orchestra and National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland playing bassoon and contra-bassoon. Michael works as a busy chamber musician and has appeared as soloist in the Mozart Bassoon Concerto in Ireland and Spain. He is a founder member of the Limerick Wind Octet and conducts Galway Youth Orchestra and St. Patrick’s Brass Band in his native Galway. He is currently on the teaching staff in the Limerick School of Music. \nSissel Grøndahl – Horn (Norway)\nSissel M. Grøndahl studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Frøydis Ree Wekre. She is full time horn pedagog at Oslo School of Fine Arts (music school)\, and sometimes also at at Rudolf Waldorf Oslo City Music High School. She has worked as a regional musician for several years\, conducted wind orchestras for 35 years\, and she is a composer and arranger. She is also an author of method books for horn\, currently producing a new series. She is a team leader for the brass section at the music school\, and producer for several of the music school’s concerts. \nStephen Altoft – Trumpet (UK/Germany)\nStephen Altoft is dedicated to the creation of new repertoire for the trumpet. As a solo artist\, and with percussionist Lee Ferguson as duo Contour\, he has given concerts throughout Asia\, Europe\, the United States and Canada. He is a member of ensemble chronophonie (Freiburg) and ensemble linea (Strasbourg). In his youth\, Stephen took part in courses with the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and the Humberside County Youth Orchestra (participant and tutor). With Ensemble Linea at the summer courses held at Royaumont Abbey in France\, he has worked with young composers. A member of the BISYOC tutor team since its inception\, Stephen has directed Brass Ensembles\,and instigated the Composition Workshops. With Lee Ferguson he gave the premiere of James Saunders’ Different Ways to achieve equilibrium for trumpet\, vibraphone and Orchestra with the BISYOC Orchestra in the UK in 2007. \nStephen teaches at the Waldkirch Town Music School near to Freiburg-im-Breisgau\, Germany. \nWayne Jeffrey – Assistant Conductor & Wind Chamber Music Coach (Canada)\nDr. Wayne Jeffrey is presently Director of Ensembles of the Kwantlen University College Department of Music. He has previously held positions at the Universities of Western Ontario\, Toronto and Cincinnati and was the Music Director of the Wind Symphony and Conducting Instructor in each school. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in conducting and music education from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester\, New York and has appeared as an Associate Conductor of the Eastman Wind Ensemble on many concerts. \nIn Europe\, he studied and performed in London\, Munich\, Budapest\, Salzburg and Vienna. As a hornist and conductor\, he has broadcast and performed in Canada and abroad and has recorded with the Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble\, Toronto Chamber Winds\, the Hannaford Street Silver Band\, CJRT Orchestra and the Erik Schultz Brass Quintet. Orchestral and chamber performances occur across Canada including Saskatoon\, Winnipeg\, Windsor\, London\, Hamilton\, Toronto\, Kingston\, Montreal and Fredericton\, He appears frequently as a guest conductor\, clinician\, and adjudicator at festivals throughout North America and Europe. \nManuel Vieira – Trombone and Tuba (Portugal)\nManuel Vieira has been the tutor of Low Brass at BISYOC since 2006. He finished his degree in the University of Aveiro. In 2002 he studied at Sheffield University with Philip Goodwin. The same year he collaborated with Sheffield Opera Productions and played in Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival with the direction of conductor and composer Christian Wolff. He played in several youth orchestras such as: APROARTE Orchestra\, Bracara Augusta Orchestra\, Templários Orchestra\, FAP Orchestra\, and the Symphony Orchestra and Wind Band of Santa Maria da Feira. In 2000 he won the place of principal trombone in the Mediterranean Orchestra. He has performed concerts in several countries including Germany\, France\, Spain\, Morocco\, Turkey\, England\, Austria\, Malta and Brazil. He finished his Masters in Performance at Sheffield University\, studying trombone with Chris Houlding in the Royal Northern College of Music. He has collaborated with several Portuguese professional orchestras and he recorded several CDs with some of them. Currently he plays principal trombone in Braga Philharmonic Orchestra. He is member of the HomeBrass-Quintet. He teaches trombone and chamber music at Academy of Music in Vila Verde\, and the Music Academy of Fortaleza in Valença where he is Vice Principal. \nLee Forrest Ferguson – Percussion (Germany/USA)\nLee Forrest Ferguson studied as a scholarship student at the University of Iowa under Thomas L. Davis (1991-5). In 1995 he received a bachelor of music in percussion performance and then was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study with Bernhard Wulff at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik\, in Freiburg\, Germany (1996-8). Lee was a member of the Freiburg Percussion ensemble\, which received first prize in the German Music School Competition for the category New Music (Leipzig 1998). He has played with Ensemble Recherche\, Ensemble Surplus\, the Basel Symphony Orchestra\, MusikFabrik NRW and is a member of the New Music initiative\, SUONO MOBILE ensemble chronophonie and duo Contour. As a performer of new music\, Lee works mostly in solo and chamber music genres . He is a percussion instructor at the Southern Blackforest Music School in Tiengen\, Germany. \n URL: LOCATION:Struga\, Macedonia CATEGORIES:Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="BISYOC" GEO:41.608635;21.745275 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190727T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190804T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T151222Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135803Z SUMMARY:Jersey International Masterclasses 2019 DESCRIPTION:About Jersey International Masterclasses\nJersey International Masterclasses‘ goal is to provide world class education to students who want to learn from internationally acclaimed musicians and pedagogues. Our distinguished professors are experts in developing to the full the talent of modern-day\, award-winning performers. \nThe Masterclasses take place in Jersey\, away from the pressures of the outside world\, students are able to learn and work in a relaxed\, stimulating and contemplative environment. \nThe classes are housed in the beautiful Jersey Academy of Music\, Chateau Vermont – one of Jersey’s finest properties. Here students will receive inspiration\, opportunities to learn\, interact with other musicians\, and perform. We aim to provide guidance in every aspect of concert and artistic life. \nThere are two courses: \n\nPiano and Strings: 27 July to 4 August 2019\nChamber Music: 27 July to 4 August 2019\n\n\n‘Participating in the Jersey International Masterclasses was wholly inspiring. It was amazing to experience the teachings of renowned and passionate musicians amongst others that share the same interest. Thank you for this great opportunity\, I had a wonderful time.’ \nClaudia Zeng \n‘I had an unforgettable time in Jersey. That was a mix of great lessons\, interesting meetings\, magnificent area\, warm hospitality of my host family and a lot of music! I only wished that week to last longer!… I will never forget the beauty of the island and how sad was to see it becoming smaller and smaller while I was taking off…’ \nDinara Klinton \nFaculty\n\nJonathan Barritt (UK)\, viola\nDaniela Dikova (Bulgaria)\, pian0\nViktoria Grigoreva (Ukraine/UK)\, violin\nGrace Macdonald (UK)\, saxophone\nMark Messenger (UK)\, violin\nMaria Tarasewicz (Ukraine/Belgium)\, piano\nRaphael Wallfisch (UK)\, cello\nZaure Zharova (Russia)\, violin\n\nRegistration and fees\nSpaces are strictly limited and therefore we advise early application. \n\nThe deadline for the applications is 31 May 2019\n\nFor further information and to download your application form\, please visit the Jersey International Masterclasses website. \nRegistration fee (non-refundable): £150 \nBalance of the fees \n\nfor individual tuition course: £450\nfor the chamber music course: £200\nfor preformed chamber music groups:  £150\n\nIndividual tuition course includes: \n\nfour individual lessons and one chamber music lesson\nfree entrance to all concerts\, lectures and Masterclasses\nparticipation in concerts\npractice facilities\n\nChamber music course includes: \n\nfour chamber music lessons and one individual lesson\nfree entrance to all concerts\, lectures and Masterclasses\nparticipation in concerts\npractice facilities\n\nPassive participant fee: £150\, which includes \n\nentrance to all concerts\, Masterclasses\, lectures and course classes\nticket to the final concerts of the Masterclasses participants\n\n URL: LOCATION:Jersey Academy of Music\, St Saviour\, Channel Islands\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Masterclasses,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Jersey%20International%20Masterclasses" GEO:49.1894141;-2.0830344 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190727T090000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190213T043553Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190713T040432Z SUMMARY:Dartington International Summer School Week 1 DESCRIPTION:Venice and the Sea; Bach’s Art of Fugue; Terry Riley and Moondog\nOur first week is inspired by Venice\, and the wilderness of the sea. Andrew Griffiths conducts a glittering Venetian Vespers for Dartington Choir; Stile Antico direct vocal music written for female monarchs and the Queen of Heaven. Alice Oswald presents Nobody\, her long poem inspired by the Odyssey\, with Wiliam Tillyer‘s swirling\, abstract paintings. \nThere are classes for viol players\, lutenists\, harpsichordists\, reeds and recorders\, and early brass\, with Fretwork\, David Miller\, Jane Chapman\, The City Musick and Ensemble Meridiana. The Atéa Quintet\, Quentin Poole and Rhiannon Evans direct a full wind and chamber music programme. \nMiddle Eastern music and song is directed by Merit Ariana and Jon Banks; the brilliant Tamim al-Barghouti returns\, along with award-winning performance poet Caroline Bergvall. Stevie Wishart establishes her new Advanced Composition course for early instruments\, and Joanna MacGregor brings Bach’s last work\, The Art of Fugue\, together with choreographer Wayne McGregor\, and two cult figures of the 1960s – Moondog and is amazing canons\, and Terry Riley‘s In C. \n  \n URL: LOCATION:Dartington Hall\, Totnes\, TQ9 6EL\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Courses,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:50.451505;-3.6940541 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190727T100000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190802T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190222T110259Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190606T101841Z SUMMARY:Oxford Piano School DESCRIPTION:Be inspired!\nMuch more than just an ordinary week of piano masterclasses\, the Oxford Piano School (OPS) gives its participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves\, head to toe\, into a week of wide ranging musical activities and experiences. These are all designed to enhance and improve all aspects of their musicianship. \n\nFor pianists of ABRSM Grade 6 to diploma standard.\n\nAside from work on their solo repertoire\, OPS students study piano duets and participate in joint ensemble performances with pupils of Oxford Cello School. For the most advanced we offer a chance to play a concerto movement with the OCS orchestra. \nEveryone in the OPS will also participate in a group performances of a famous piano cycle by the Composer of The Year. Other sessions will include help with piano technique\, a fun approach to discovering music and learning about music history\, theory\, aural and choir\, as well as conducting and improvisation. \nLeisure activities such as swimming sessions\, games and Ceilidh dancing should not be missed! \nWe want to inspire young pianists beyond their solo playing and connect them with fellow musicians – we believe that this way of expanding their horizon cannot be substituted by any amount of practising. \nAbout the course\nThe course includes: \nIndividual lessons \n\nIndividual solo repertoire\nFour hand repertoire (with other participants\, chosen & studied during the      week)\nCello duo repertoire (with OCS students)\nPiano technique\n\nGroup Sessions \n\nDaily masterclass on solo repertoire\nSight reading\nAural / Music Theory\nVideo Technique\nPractising Studies (Czerny\, Chopin)\nImprovisation\nConducting Workshop\nMusic History – What can we learn from Youtube?\n\nPerformances \n\nPerformance opportunities to include solo and chamber concerts\, concerto movements with orchestra (by audition only) and a group performance of a major piano cycle\n\nJoint Sessions with the OXFORD CELLO SCHOOL \n\nCello duo repertoire (selected students with OCS Performers/Advanced)\nChoir\nConducting Workshop\nImprovisation\nAural / Music Theory\nConcerto Movement (with OCS Orchestra\, by audition only)\n\nFurther information\nFor prices and application information please contact Pavel Timofeyevsky: \n\nemail:\ntelephone: 0044 (0)7940 061798\n\n URL: LOCATION:Oxford\, Oxford\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:51.7520209;-1.2577263 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190728T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190802T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T152103Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135802Z SUMMARY:'Unsung Heroes' Summer Cello Ensemble Course 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nJoin us to play and study some of the most evocative choral music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. \nWhatever age you are\, find yourself challenged and thrilled! The repertoire for the Unsung Heroes course is designed to develop your musical understanding and technical skills so that you are prepared as you find your way about your musical world. This repertoire ranges over many centuries and styles and evolves your playing like no other. \nWe study style and technique throughout as well as the historical context of each piece. There are some Baroque bows for you to borrow too. \nFurther information\n\nRepertoire: The repertoire for 2019 will be announced in the new year; the scores will be available from May and can be forwarded to you on receipt of your application\nStandard: It is in the nature of the writing that the parts are varied\, so the range is from around Grade 2 upwards\nAges: 16 to infinity\nDaily times: Sunday: 10.00am to 3.30pm. Monday – Thursday: 9.30am to 3.30pm\n\nAccommodation\nYou may live locally and be travelling here daily but if not\, Lewes has several small hotels and some excellent Bed & Breakfasts. Here are some useful websites: \n\\\\\n\nLewes\nLewes is an ancient market town nestling in the beautiful South Downs National Park. It is a very friendly\, quirky place to be. When I first arrived here\, I thought I was being confused with someone else; it is normal for people you’ve never met\, to say ‘Hello’ (a lot) and to grin at you! \nSo you will feel at home here. It is easy to walk around and a nice place to browse lots of independent shops as well as nip into Tesco and Waitrose. We have some wonderful Elizabethan gardens at The Grange in Southover where you can sit in the Knot Garden or lie down on the lawns and relax. This was the childhood home of the diarist\, John Evelyn. \nGlyndebourne\nFor those of you wanting to go to Glyndebourne\, check out last-minute tickets. You can catch the bus there from the station and leave your cello with me for safe-keeping. Brighton is a 10 minute train ride away and we are close to Rodmell where Virginia Woolf lived\, Charleston Farmhouse\, and down the road\, the seaside. \nCourse leader\n‘Unsung Heroes’ courses are directed by Catherine Black. \nCatherine studied at the Royal College of Music in London where her cello teachers were Christopher Bunting and Eileen Croxford. She graduated in 1983 with a GRSM and an ARCM Teachers Diploma. \nIn 2013 Catherine co-founded the Baroque & Roll String Orchestra with the wonderful violinist\, Julia Bishop of Red Priest. \nCatherine taught for many years on behalf of the Centre for Young Musicians in London and is a deputy at the junior departments of Trinity College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama\, London. She was an associate lecturer at Chichester University in 2014 and 2015. \nCatherine worked as cello coach for the adult learners string orchestra Strings at St Martins\, The Chamber Orchestra at Conway Hall and Battersea Young Strings. \nRegistration\nThe fee is £675 for the week’s course. \nCancellation policy for summer school \nIncluded in the fee is a £100 Deposit. \n\nIf you cancel the course\, for whatever reason\, up to eight weeks before it starts\, I will return the full amount you paid minus £100 deposit.\nIf you cancel between eight and four weeks before the date the course begins\, I will reimburse half the fee minus the deposit of £100.\nIf you cancel\, during the four weeks leading up to the course or\, on the course\, the fee is payable in full.\n\nPlease complete the application form from the course website. \nClosing date: the nominal closing date for the Summer course is 26 July 2019. If you have just found this page and the closing date has past\, please call or email Catherine Black to book a place directly. \n URL: LOCATION:All Saints Centre\, Lewes\, Friars Walk\, Lewes\, East Sussex\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Cello%20Courses" GEO:50.8728361;0.0143196 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=All Saints Centre Lewes Friars Walk Lewes East Sussex United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Friars Walk:geo:0.0143196,50.8728361 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190728T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190802T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T162247Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135802Z SUMMARY:Summer's Cool Holiday Course for Young Musicians DESCRIPTION:About Summer’s Cool\nSummer’s Cool is a very friendly course designed to accommodate and support young musicians of all stages and standards. \nWe hope that students will at least have a basic rudimentary knowledge of music reading ability and have an elementary grasp of playing skills: as a guide then\, you will probably need to be a minimum of Grade 2 standard – the focus for the course will be on developing ensemble skills. \nOn our courses we provide a wide variety of musical and social activities. The whole course is designed to be fun\, encouraging young people to enjoy their music and make new friends! We fill the day with various ensembles as well as lunchtime concerts. In the afternoons and evenings we use the swimming pool\, organise games or arrange quizzes. On Wednesday afternoon we organise an off-site activity which in previous years has been a 10-pin bowling challenge with an evening barbecue and organised games. At the end of the week\, the staff and students put together a short presentation of the week’s musical highlights for parents\, relatives and friends. \nProgramme\nOrchestral experience\nEveryone takes part in the afternoon orchestral session\, where a variety of music is explored\, both established classical and lighter repertoire in addition to premieres written / arranged especially for the pupils’ instruments & standards on the course. \nOver the last few years\, pieces have included arrangements of works by Dvorak and Bizet\, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ from Indiana Jones\, and ‘Harry’s Wondrous World’ from ‘Harry Potter’. \nChamber music opportunities are available with tutorial help at various times of the day. \nSinging\nEveryone is involved in the two daily singing sessions. There’s no such thing as ‘I can’t sing’! We have covered a wide variety of fun warm-ups\, as well as exploring a range of repertoire\, from Handel to ‘Abba’! \nWindband\nWind\, brass and percussion come together to perform. Parts can be adapted for the less experienced players. Students who play both wind and string instruments have the opportunity to take part in both windband and string ensemble sessions. \nString ensemble\nStudents explore repertoire for string orchestra and chamber groups as well as sectional rehearsals for orchestral pieces. As well as playing together as a large group\, we split into rehearsals for upper and lower strings to explore an even wider repertoire. On some evenings Senior Strings takes place for the most advanced players. \nMusicianship\nThese sessions concentrate on broadening students’ ability “to think in sound” and respond creatively to musical ideas. This provides opportunity for mixed ability group work\, helping to integrate the more advanced with the less experienced musicians\, creating short themed pieces or “soundscapes”. Each session may start with tutor led stimulus that may be based on a particular theme or inspired idea\, which may be anything from a group of 5 notes (e.g. Pentatonic scale)\, a rhythmic pattern\, a poem\, a picture etc. Students are encouraged to explore and develop an understanding of compositional techniques\nfrom the traditional to contemporary. \nEach group is sensitively monitored by course tutors to ensure that everyone uses and develops their full potential. Students are taught “how to listen” and are encouraged to comment constructively on the resulting group performances. \nThe Summer’s Cool Team\nOur staff are very experienced\, some having run this course since 1985. All our tutors are professional musicians and fully qualified music teachers. \nAndrew Mock\nAndrew studied Music at Dartington College of Arts\, receiving Diploma of Music in Education (Hons) with Special Mention. A lifetime in education\, working in all age groups in both the state and private school systems in the UK and NZ. While in post as Director of Music at Prior Park College\, Bath\, he set up and directed the Summer School of Music (1985) which continues to run successfully as Summer’s Cool. \nSue Mock\nSue studied Music at Dartington College of Arts\, receiving the Diploma of Music in Education. After two years of class music teaching Sue turned to specialise in instrumental teaching and ensemble performance\, working with students of all ages and abilities including Suzuki violin work. She has been the co-founder/director of Summer’s Cool since its beginnings and completed her teaching career as the Deputy Area Manager for Central Warwickshire County Music Service. Andrew and Sue continue their work in music workshops for children as members of “Leamington Music Education Programme”. \nLorna Waters\nLorna started her musical life as a cellist\, and continues to play for weddings and events in The Buckinghamshire Quartet. After completing her Music Degree at Southampton University\, she went on to study to be a Primary School Teacher at Warwick University. During her first few years of teaching\, she also studied for her MMus in Composition for Screen at The Royal College of Music in London. She currently works for Oxfordshire County Music Service\, teaching flute\, clarinet and saxophone in a number of schools throughout the South East of the County. She also runs South Oxfordshire Music Centre\, organising groups and ensembles for approximately 80 children\, from beginners to intermediate players across South Oxfordshire. \nAs well as teaching\, Lorna enjoys composition and arranging popular tunes for her pupils and groups. \nLorna has two young daughters\, whom she hopes will one day be involved in Summer’s Cool Music Courses too! \nJules Mock-Morton: Singing animateur – Designated Safeguarding Officer\nCurrently the director of her own music education company ‘SuperSing’ delivering high quality music provision to individuals and schools across Yorkshire. Jules leads a thriving adult community choir in York as well as teaching students of all ages and musical standards. With a background of musical theatre\, music psychology and community music from her university studies – Jules prides herself on leading confidence boosting\, enjoyable and high quality music sessions. As well as leading the vocal classes on Summers Cool Jules will also be an active member of the orchestra\, wind band and string group playing bassoon\, violin and viola. Jules will also lead many of the extra curricular sporting and team activities which contribute to the week’s positive friendly ethos. \nKirsty Budgen\nKirsty Budgen is currently working for Croydon Music and Arts as a Lower strings Instrumental teacher and leads many Sound Start and Mini Strings projects within the area. She is the mentor and leader of Boris Johnson music scholars chosen from the Croydon area. She enjoys working with infant\, junior and secondary students. She plays with Surrey Opera and for various quartet and ensemble events. \nKirsty studied the cello and piano initially at Junior Guildhall and was awarded a music scholarship to study with John Todd from the Coull Quartet while studying for a BA( Hons) music with qualified music status at Warwick University.\nShe went on to work with Warwickshire County Music Service as the Leader of lower strings. She enjoyed the position of Director of Rugby Music Centre\, Eastern area conducting a range or orchestral groups and music theatre groups.\nShe was a member of the Hannay string quartet and played with various orchestral ensembles and for shows across the Midlands. \nMark Cadman\nAfter spending five years at the RNCM Junior School studying with Paddy Adinall\, Mark Continued studying the Trumpet with John Holland and Wes Warren (CBSO) at Birmingham Conservatoire. Having graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in 1993 he then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Studies\, also at the Conservatoire. He continued his studies and graduated with a certificate of teaching with the ABRSM. \nMark has freelanced throughout the midlands and South Yorkshire where he now lives playing with various orchestral\, choral and jazz ensembles. \nHaving been a full time member of staff at Warwick School for twelve years\, and Assistant Director of Music (Instrumental) at Repton School he is now the Director of Music at Hill House School\, Auckley near Doncaster. Mark not only oversees a very busy instrumental music program\, teaches GCSE and A level music\, he also manages 15 Visiting Instrumental Staff. He conducts many ensembles including the school Jazz Orchestra and Senior Orchestra. \nMark enjoys helping young musicians achieve their potential and has taken groups to the National Concert Band Festival\, Music for Youth and The Mrs Sunderland Festival in Huddersfield. It has been known that in his spare time\, Mark is a greater spotted MAMIL (lat. Mamillargus) and enjoys putting himself through excruciating pain by doing triathlons and 100 mile cycling sportives in deepest North Wales! \nClare Cadman\nClare graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire with a BMus degree in 1994. She studied Violin with Wendy Quirk (CBSO) and piano as her second study. After graduating she began freelancing throughout the midlands playing for orchestras and chamber ensembles. She played in The Hannay String Quartet for a number of years and ran a successful music agency – SpaMusicWorks with her husband\, Mark\, providing musicians and ensembles for weddings and functions. Clare was Assistant Director of Music at Foremake Hall Preparatory School (Repton Preparatory School) and has worked as a peripatetic violin and piano teacher with Warwickshire Music service\, Warwick Preparatory School\, Warwick School\, Foremarke Hall (Repton Preparatory School) and now works at Hill House School\, Auckley\, near Doncaster teaching the piano\, running a 60 strong year 1 and 2 choir\, a senior string ensemble and co-directing the school orchestra. \nClare enjoys cooking and has a secret longing to be on Masterchef! She also enjoys walking\, gardening and cycling in North Wales when she is not busy teaching! \nRegistration and fees\nVisit the Summer’s Cool website to download the application form. \nFees for 2019 \n\nResident £549\nDay £439\n\nA non-refundable deposit of £150 is payable at the time of booking. \n URL: LOCATION:All Hallows School\, Cranmore Hall\, East Cranmore\, Shepton Mallet\, Somerset\, BA4 4SF\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Summer%27s%20Cool" GEO:51.1920871;-2.4569245 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=All Hallows School Cranmore Hall East Cranmore Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 4SF United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Cranmore Hall\, East Cranmore:geo:-2.4569245,51.1920871 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190729T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190802T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190402T075208Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190510T145018Z SUMMARY:ICMP Performance Summer School - Bass\, Drums\, Guitar\, Vocal DESCRIPTION:ICMP’s music performance summer school provides the opportunity to learn\, create and play with like-minded music lovers\, through live performance and inspirational teaching in our fantastic London facilities. Book now and start looking forward to making great music this summer! \nCourse overview\nMusic Performance Summer School • Ages 16+\nFor five days in July\, we’re opening our doors to help musicians like you hone their skills\, not only as an artist\, but as an all-round performer. You’ll sharpen your understanding of timing when playing with a group\, improve technical patterns specific to your instrument – all within multiple genres\, ranging from funk and soul\, to blues and rock. \nBoth solo and group workshops will strengthen your abilities in the practice room and onstage\, teaching you a technical shorthand that’ll help move your performance up a gear. These workshops will crescendo in a live showcase at the end of the week\, where your new ideas and skills will be given a test-drive alongside your band. \nIf performing comes naturally\, but you want more experience doing it\, this course will let you spread your wings and experiment. If performance is something you know you need to work on\, this too is an opportunity – to raise your game and improve your confidence. Whatever your reason for joining this increasingly popular course\, we just ask that you have at least six months experience in your chosen discipline. \nBy completing this course\, you will: \n\nBe able to perform competently as part of a band\nBuild a strong technique\, timing and feel\nBe able to jam confidently with other musicians\nDevelop a repertoire of songs\nUnderstand stylistic characteristics\nBe able to read a chart\nHave an overview of the music industry\n\nCourse length: 5 days \nStart date:\nOur 2019 Music Performance Summer School will run from Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August 2019. \n\nAttend two ICMP Summer Schools \nIf you’d also like to attend our Songwriting or Music Production Summer School the week after this course\, we can offer a two course package for £500. \n URL: LOCATION:ICMP London\, 1B Dyne Road\, London\, NW6 7XG\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="ICMP%20London" GEO:51.54453;-0.201898 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=ICMP London 1B Dyne Road London NW6 7XG United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=1B Dyne Road:geo:-0.201898,51.54453 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190729T120000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190801T180000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T135917Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190604T144856Z SUMMARY:Grand Union Youth Orchestra Summer School 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe sixth Grand Union annual residential Summer School will take place in the wonderfully spacious Writtle University College and its idyllic surroundings\, near Chelmsford in Essex. It will run for four days\, beginning at lunchtime on Monday\, 29 July and concluding on the afternoon of Thursday\, 1 August\, with a concert of the work created during the course. \nThe course will be led by musicians from the Grand Union Orchestra. They represent all the world’s major musical traditions\, into which they were born and bred; internationally-fêted performers in their own right\, they are also great communicators and charismatic workshop leaders. \nCourse leaders\nUnder the general direction of South African trumpeter Claude Deppa\, the course will be led by acclaimed professional musicians\, who have worked together as Grand Union’s core team for many years: \nYousuf Ali Khan (tabla)\, Zhu Xiao Meng (gu zheng – Chinese harp)\, Abass Dodoo (Ghanaian master-drummer)\, Shanti Jayasinha (trumpet\, cello) and Louise Elliott (flute\, tenor saxophone)\, with composition/arranging workshops by GUO director Tony Haynes. \nWhat’s in it for me?\n\nWork alongside leading professional musicians\nLearn about world music\, first hand\, from experts\nDiscover new instruments and develop improvisation skills\nMeet and create with like-minded young musicians and make new friends\nTake part in a public concert featuring music created in the workshops\n\nWho’s it for?\nYoung musicians of secondary school age and up (12-21) interested in learning about music from other parts of the world. \nPlayers of non-European instruments are especially welcome\, and we also encourage multi-instrumentalists. \nRegistration\nFull board and lodging are provided – breakfast\, lunch and dinner\, and accommodation in single rooms. The cost will be £240 (£180 if booked before the end of May); bursaries and a limited number of non-residential places may be available. \nClick here to apply online. \nFor further information\, please contact Nadia Nervo\, tel. 020 8981 1551 or go to the Grand Union website \n URL: LOCATION:Writtle University College\, Lordship Road\, Writtle\, Chelmsford\, Essex\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:51.7361601;0.4291602 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Writtle University College Lordship Road Writtle Chelmsford Essex United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Lordship Road\, Writtle:geo:0.4291602,51.7361601 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190730T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190814T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T155723Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135801Z SUMMARY:Pro-Am Strings International Summer Music School 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe International Summer Music School (for pupils aged 15-18) is a collaboration between Norwich School and Pro-Am Strings\, offering talented violinists\, viola players\, cellists and pianists from around the world the opportunity to engage in two weeks of music-making\, while being immersed in the English language and culture. \nDownload the course brochure (pdf) \nThe course consists of daily individual instrumental music lessons and chamber music coaching by Pro-Am Strings’ distinguished and highly successful specialist teaching staff. \nEach student will have an individual music lesson each day\, during which he or she will study pieces that they have already been learning at home\, as well as new repertoire and techniques. There will be plenty of opportunity to practise\, with teachers close at hand to offer advice and support. It is our expectation that students will take their learning very seriously during their time with us and that they will make outstanding progress on their instrument. \nStudents will be matched in ensembles suitable to their playing level and experience. We believe strongly that chamber music offers every individual the opportunity\, not only to enhance their musical skills\, but also develop teamwork\, time management and social skills. \nNorwich School’s setting in the historic Cathedral Close offers first rate concert facilities. Our end of course concert will be a formal opportunity to showcase the achievements of each student and chamber ensemble during the course. We expect all participants to perform in evening dress/black tie to represent the progress that they will have made. Weather permitting\, in proper English tradition\, there will be a garden party after the concert. \nExtracurricular activities will include excursions to London and Cambridge as well as trips to the local Norfolk beaches and countryside. \nPrizes and certificates\nAt the end of the course\, there will be a formal concert\, where every student\, solo or in an ensemble\, can showcase his or her achievements during the course. This will be a festive event to which we will invite local students and staff from Norwich School. If the opportunity arises\, we may also invite some of our advanced local musicians to join in\, playing together with the international students. The concert will be held in our beautifully intimate new chamber music concert venue. \nWe expect all performers to wear evening dresses/black tie\, to reflect the progress that everyone will have made during the course. \nAt the end of the concert\, there will be a prize giving ceremony. There will be a Certificate of Completion for every student and we will also award a 1st\, 2nd and 3rd prize as well as a special prize. In addition\, each student will receive a written report. \nAfter the award ceremony\, we intend to have a garden party in proper English tradition. \nWe will invite local students from Norwich School’s photography department to create a video impression of the course\, and we hope that we may be able to make a recording of your playing to take home with you as a memento as well. \nVenue and accommodation\nThe Summer School will be held in Norwich School’s newly refurbished Music School in the historic Cathedral Close. The Music School is equipped with grand pianos as well as upright pianos\, a keyboard- and computer suite\, a recording studio and performance spaces. \n\nThe international students will be staying in residential accommodation\, where they are fully immersed in the English language and culture\, supervised by trained and police checked staff\, all trusted members of the Norwich School community. All meals will be provided by Norwich School’s in-house catering team.\nThe Music Summer School students will stay in local residential accommodation\, not far from the Music School. In the evenings\, there will be a varied programme of sports\, games and other activities\, which will depend largely on the interests of the participants and may include a film night\, a guided tour of the city\, going to a local concert etc.\n\nThe welfare\, happiness and safety of our international students is absolutely paramount. We will make sure that the students in our care will make the most of their social time with us by offering a programme that reflects English life\, customs and culture. The language spoken on the course is English and we expect our students to rapidly improve their English language skills during their time with us. \nDuring after-school hours\, the students will be supervised by suitably qualified and police checked staff\, who are all trusted and compassionate members of the Norwich School community. \nAll meals will be provided by Norwich School’s in-house catering team and all food is included in the course fee. The students may want to bring some spending money for the weekend trips\, although all entry fees to museums etc. will be included in the course fees. \nDuring the two weekends\, there will be trips to London and Cambridge\, as well as visits to The Norfolk Broads and the local beach. \nTravel\nFlights to Heathrow airport in London are not included in the course fee. Students are expected to book their own flights and arrange their own visas. \nAirport transfers by coach will be arranged by Norwich School and are included in the fees. It is expected that students will arrive at Heathrow airport between the hours of 12 noon and 5pm on Tuesday 30 July. On the day of departure\, students should aim to book flights which leave London Heathrow between 2pm and 6pm. \nAbout Norwich\nNorwich is a wonderful fusion of the modern and the historic; as well as being the most complete medieval city in the UK\, it has a flourishing arts\, music and cultural scene – it became England’s first UNESCO City of Literature in 2012 – as well as superb shopping and a multitude of fine restaurants. \nBeing the only English city in a National Park (the Norfolk Broads)\, the countryside in and around Norwich is stunning and easily accessible. \nThe city is quickly establishing itself as a centre of innovation and learning\, with the University of East Anglia ranked within the top ten higher education institutions in the UK for the quality of its research outputs. The nearby Norwich Research Park also hosts a vibrant community of world-leading scientists. Set in the historic Cathedral Close in the heart of the city\, Norwich School is ideally located for our pupils to take full advantage of the rich academic and cultural life of the city and its surroundings. \nDownload the course brochure (pdf) \n\nPro-Am Strings – testimonials\n‘Just letting you know that I got through to the final round of the […] audition! I don’t think I’d have been able to get through without your help\, it really took my playing to the next level and I’m extremely grateful.’ Adam P \n‘I’ve had a lot of fun! Thank you.’ Ellie \n‘Your encouragement and enthusiasm have inspired me.’ Henry \n‘I have greatly improved\, so thank you for your guidance.’ Katie \n‘Thank you for all your hard work and positive encouragement. Very happily yours…’ Tanya \n‘I like the clarity with which you communicated the technique. I would definitely recommend Pro-Am Strings to my friends.’ Sean \n‘Clear and worthwhile.’ Daphne \n‘You are like therapy. Thank you.’ Katie \nCourse director\nHenriette de Vrijer\nHenriette studied violin with Jan Hulst (Concertgebouw Orchestra) at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in the Netherlands and graduated in 1991 with the DM exam. From 1991-1994 she continued postgraduate violin studies with Tessa Robins-Khambatta (Royal College of Music) in London. She was a member of the Continuo Chamber Orchestra in the Netherlands and played for Dutch Television. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education from the Open University. \nHenriette has taught the violin in music schools in the Netherlands and currently works as a visiting violin teacher in schools in England. She also has a private teaching practice at home. Students have gone on to specialist music schools\, read music at university\, have become professional violinists and viola players\, have gained music scholarships and music exhibitions to schools and colleges and have won music competitions. In recent years\, violin teachers have come to observe Henriette’s lessons in order to enhance their own teaching. Henriette is also a contributor to The Strad Magazine’s ‘Ask the Experts’ column. \nApplication and fees\nApplication process\n1. Initial enquiry \nFor further information and to check availability of places\, please contact: \nHenriette de Vrijer\, Course Director \n\nphone: +44 7910 145013\nemail: or\n\n2. Application \nWe will consider applicants put forward by agents\, as well as direct applications. \n1. Complete and return an application form (available at the bottom of this page) \n2. Include the following: \n\nIELTS certificate if available (minimum expected level 4 at age 15).\nABRSM Certificate Grade 5 or higher (or similar if available). (Applications are also accepted if the candidate has not taken any Grade exams.Please let us know\, and we will assess your playing during the Skype interview).\nPersonal statement\nCopy of photo page of passport\n\n2 passport photos\nCopy of photo page of parent passport\n\n\n\n3. Interview \nIf your playing level and personal statement suggest that you are a suitable candidate\, you will be invited for interview by Skype. \n4. Offer \nIf you are successful\, we will make you an offer. In order to accept this offer\, you will need to provide us with \n\nA registration fee of £200 (non-refundable)\nAn acceptance deposit of £300 (refundable after departure from the course)\n\n*The course fee of £3499 in advance to reach us by 1 April 2019. \nFees\n\nRegistration fee: £200\nAcceptance fee: £300 (refundable at the end of the course)\nCourse fee: £3499\nThe course fee includes accommodation\, all meals\, instrumental tuition and chamber music coaching\, all outings and airport transfers.\n\nNot included in the fees are flights and visas\, any money for personal spending and travel insurance. \n URL: LOCATION:Norwich School\, 69-71A The Close\, Norwich\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:52.631733;1.299547 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Norwich School 69-71A The Close Norwich United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=69-71A The Close:geo:1.299547,52.631733 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190817T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T133815Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135801Z SUMMARY:LMFL (Language and Music for Life) Valbonne Summer Music Course 2019 DESCRIPTION:We are sorry to announce that due to the ongoing uncertainty about the consequences of Brexit we have to cancel our projected course in August 2019 in Valbonne France. \nWhen the situation is resolved we hope to be able to propose the Summer Course in the Cévennes (near Saint-Jean-du Gard) next year 2020 but for summer 2019 its going to be Llandovery only \n URL: CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190424T154929Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135801Z SUMMARY:The Rehearsal Orchestra Edinburgh Week DESCRIPTION:About the event\nThe Rehearsal Orchestra’s annual August visit to Edinburgh coincides with the first week of the International Festival and Fringe. \nRunning from Saturday to Friday\, this is a stimulating week of concentrated music making which has been held every year since the orchestra’s foundation in 1957. \nRepertoire\n\nTo be announced\n\nAbout The Rehearsal Orchestra\nThe Rehearsal Orchestra is a musical charity that runs weekend and full-week orchestral courses for future professionals and serious amateurs. \nSince 1957\, we have offered high-level training through intensive rehearsal\, exploring key orchestral repertoire with prominent conductors. This supportive\, non-competitive environment allows players to grow as musicians without the pressure of concert giving. Places on every course are heavily subsidised to enable as many players as possible to benefit from the opportunities we offer. \n URL: LOCATION:Edinburgh\, Edinburgh\, Scotland\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="The%20Rehearsal%20Orchestra" GEO:55.953252;-3.188267 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T090000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190810T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190213T070124Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190713T061747Z SUMMARY:Dartington International Summer School Week 2 DESCRIPTION:Music and Politics; Baroque\, Folk and Creative Writing\nWeek 2 dazzles with politics\, alongside folk music\, Shakespeare and Ovid. Laurence Cummings directs the Dartington Choir in Handel‘s Saul\, a wildly exciting oratorio with witches\, bad kings\, battles and huge choruses. Robert Howarth and Richard Williams direct Handel‘s opera Agrippina\, a show-stopping satire on Nero’s scheming court\, with the original Tiger Mother. The gorgeous contralto Hilary Summers lends her warmth and wisdom to the vocal masterclass; stylish Andrew Watts directs vocal workshops. \nThere’ll be masterclasses and workshops with Adrian Butterfield\, Richard Tunnicliffe\, Gail Hennessey\, Andy Watts\, Bukolika Piano Trio and Jill Kemp; Steven Devine runs early keyboard classes\, and Joanna MacGregor a piano workshop on Baroque dance and Chopin Mazurkas. \nThere’s a full week of folk courses led by renowned teacher Alistair Anderson\, folk singer\, song writer and concertina player Emily Portman\, and fiddler Alexis Bennett; Harbottle & Jonas direct Dartingon’s Folk Choir. James Runcie leads Creative Conversations\, and examines the complete Shakespeare Sonnets; Katrina Porteous creates the poetry of place; we’ll read Ovid late night. All this and our traditional ceilidh\, too! \n URL: LOCATION:Dartington Hall\, Totnes\, TQ9 6EL\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Courses,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:50.451505;-3.6940541 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190803T160000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190808T160000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190418T081651Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135800Z SUMMARY:Dalcroze International Summer School 2019 DESCRIPTION:\n\n\n\n\n\nAbout the event\nDalcroze UK is very pleased to be returning to the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama as the venue for our Summer School this year. Situated\, conveniently\, in the heart of Cardiff but overlooking the beautiful Bute Park\, the college is perfectly situated for the 2019 International Dalcroze Summer School.  Liberty Severn Point\, a short walk through the park\, offers convenient\, en-suite accommodation for all delegates on the residential rate. \nReduced rates are available until 2 June 2019! \nDiscounts are available for students and members of Dalcroze UK! \nWho is the course for?\nThis Dalcroze course is for you if you are: \n\na believer in the power of the arts\nlooking for a way to develop a deeper understanding of music\nlonging to explore new ways of being creative\na performer/artist who teaches\nkeen to develop new movement and/or vocal skills\n\nBenefits\nOn the 2019 Summer School you can: \n\nExperience Dalcroze and discover how it can reinvigorate your practice\nMake connections through creative exploration\nDevelop new musical and pedagogical understanding\n\nCourse leaders\n\n \n \n Monica Wilkinson Mus B (Hons)\, PGCE Dalcroze Licenciate (UK)\n \n \n \n Passionate about music education in general and Dalcroze in particular\, Monica Wilkinson’s experience extends through instrumental teaching\, primary classroom music\, chamber music coaching and Dalcroze training for adults and children.  She teaches violin and musicianship at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh\, leads Dalcroze-based musicianship training at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland\, and leads Dalcroze workshops throughout Scotland and beyond.  She completed the Seniors training at IJD in 2016. Recent projects have included Spinning Songs\, an intergenerational project for Scottish Opera\, children’s workshop at Winterplay\, Susan Tomes’ new chamber music festival\, and teaching on a violin camp in Ukraine with Kateryna Zavalko.  She very much enjoyed teaching on Dalcroze Australia’s Summer School in January 2019. \n\n \n \n \n \n \n Kaye Barker: Dalcroze Certificate: London; Dalcroze Licence: London; BA (Oxon)\n \n \n \n Kaye is a professional violinist\, classroom teacher and Dalcroze teacher based in London. She was a member of the BBC Philharmonic and the Bridge Quartet\, which toured extensively & broadcast on BBC Radio 3\, then became Head of Strings for Ealing Music Service. She is currently Head of Music at Gumley House School FCJ\, in west London. She was a Junior Exhibitioner at the Royal College of Music and read Music at St. Catherine’s College\, Oxford University followed by postgraduate study at the Royal Northern College of Music. She gained a Masters Degree in Education in 2014. She teaches Dalcroze Eurhythmics on the String & Brass Training Programme at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Kaye was the recipient of the Jean Vincent prize. \n\n \n \n \n \n \n Alison Daniels\n \n \n \n Alison Daniels studied music at Pembroke College Cambridge and singing at the Royal Northern College of Music. Since completing her studies at the turn of the millennium\, she has pursued a career as a freelance singer and teacher\, and more recently as a choir trainer. Alison has sung and toured with the BBC Daily Service singers\, and appeared as a soloist with the Halle Orchestra and the Manchester Camerata\, as well as deputising in many of the professional church choirs in London. Alison is currently a full time alto lay clerk at Ely Cathedral; the first woman to hold such a post there. \nAlison studied on the Dalcroze Certificate course with Karin Greenhead and Jacqueline Vann in Croydon between 2007 and 2008\, and was awarded the Foundation Certificate in Dalcroze Eurythmics in 2014. She taught Rhythmics in Cambridge on the Stringmoves programme between 2008 and 2014. \nAs a teacher\, Alison works with people of all ages and has a particular interest in coaching young choristers. She teaches the girls of Pembroke College choir in Cambridge and works with some of the choristers at Jesus College. \nAs a choir trainer\, Alison is a regular tutor on the Cambridge Holiday Orchestra courses where she runs choir sessions for young people. \nAlison is also the Music Director of St Ives Choral Society. \n\n \n \n \n \n \n Helen Gould\n \n \n \n Helen is a dance artist\, theatre maker\, choreographer and facilitator who has studied Dalcroze since 2012\, participating in courses at Croyden\, RNCM and the Dalcroze International Easter courses. \nHelen is Co-director of LPM Dance Theatre which she co-established with George Adams in 2011. The company develops a new dance initiatives for a diverse range of contexts involving performance and participatory projects across the North West. Her own performance career has spanned the commercial and contemporary dance sector in contexts ranging from musical theatre\, film and contemporary dance productions. Her choreography has toured nationally and been programmed at regional theatres including The Lowry\, The Dukes Theatre\, Oldham Coliseum and Chester Grosvenor Open Air Theatre. \nHelen specializes in dance and inclusive practice. She is regional dance artist for English National Ballet\, delivering their highly regarded dance for Parkinson’s programme in the North West and is a sought-after facilitator in the field of inclusive practice. \nHelen has presented papers at the International Association of Dance Science and Medicine (2018\, Helsinki) and will be presenting at the International Conference of Dalcroze Studies this coming year. \n\n \n \n \n \n \n Yi-Ru Tsai\n \n \n \n Yi-Ru Tsai holds a Masters in Composition in Taiwan (NTNU) and a Masters of Music Pedagogy in the method of Jaques-Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Geneva (HEM). She is currently the final stage of the Diplôme Supérieur program at Insitut Jaques-Dalcroze (IJD). During her six years in Geneva (2013-2019)\, she has taught numerous classes at IJD including Eurhythmic classes for parent-enfant\, children and seniors. While studying\, Yi-Ru was awarded the Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Foundation prize for improvisation and the Altheia Foundation prize for the best artistic project. \n\n \n \n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n URL: LOCATION:Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama\, Castle Ground\, North Road\, Cardiff\, CF10 3ER\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Courses,International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190804T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190415T173322Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190610T093400Z SUMMARY:St Mary’s Music School Piano Summer School 2019 DESCRIPTION:The St Mary’s Music School Piano Summer School takes place in the heart of Edinburgh during the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival and is open to enthusiastic pianists age 13-19 who are at Grade 6 and above. \nLed by an experienced team of St Mary’s Music School staff\, this intensive course includes one-to-one teaching\, workshops\, performance classes\, duo work\, yoga and individual sessions in Alexander Technique\, participation in a final public performance and evening trips to Edinburgh International Festival concerts. \n\nFull board and accommodation in twin en-suite rooms is included.\nPrice £750 all inclusive.  Financial support may be available.\n\nThe programme\nThe Piano Summer School offers a comprehensive and broad-ranging residential programme aimed at talented pianists who wish to expand their horizons and playing capability. This intensive course is designed to give a holistic introduction to the musical\, mental and physical skills needed to grow as a pianist. It is suitable for those who aspire to study at conservatoire\, university and professional level as well as those who simply wish to hone their skills in an atmosphere which is fun\, supportive and encouraging. Places are limited to just ten students\, ensuring individual focus and dedicated support. \nThe course programme includes: \n\nOne-to-one lessons\nCollaborative work\nDaily group workshops\nPractice supervision\nUnlimited practice facilities\nParticipation in final public performance\nIndividual tuition in Alexander Technique\nRelaxation/mindfulness/yoga\nEvening trips to Edinburgh International Festival Concert performances\n\nLocation and facilities\nSt Mary’s Music School is Scotland’s national music school and is located right in the heart of the stunning city of Edinburgh\, capital of Scotland and home to the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. Both festivals will be taking place during the time of the Piano Programme and provide a stimulating backdrop for the learning and cultural experience of every student on the course. \nAccess to the school is easy with a quick journey by tram\, bus or taxi from Edinburgh International Airport which is just 20 minutes away and has direct access to airports throughout the UK and abroad. Haymarket train station is just five minutes’ walk away and links to major all major routes. \nAs well as making full use of our fleet of 35 pianos including a new Model B Steinway\, students will enjoy all the facilities of this historic school including twin ensuite bedrooms (sharing with one other student)\, beautiful gardens\, sports court and table tennis and pool tables. \n URL: LOCATION:St Mary’s Music School\, Grosvenor Crescent\, Edinburgh\, EH12 5EL\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190805T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190402T073822Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190510T145220Z SUMMARY:ICMP Music Production Summer School DESCRIPTION:ICMP’s Music Production Summer School provides the opportunity to learn\, create and perform with like-minded electronic music fans. \nYou’ll learn how to create music using the industry standard software and how to streamline your creative process. Fuelled by inspirational teaching\, and workshops in our fantastic London facilities\, book now and start looking forward to pushing your creativity this summer! \nCourse overview\nSongwriting Summer School • Ages 16+\nWhile preparing for your songs to be performed by a band on the Friday\, your week will be spent soaking up the experience of our expert UK songwriters. \nA series of intensive workshops will help focus your creative process and teach you the theory behind great songwriting. Vocal technique\, performance\, and marketing for the music industry will all be subjects of discussion. \nWorking with musicians each day will put the theory into 3D\, helping you quickly move your songs forward\, forge your style and speed your creative thinking. Seeing is believing\, and in essence\, this is what this five-day course sets out to achieve. \nBy completing this course\, you will: \n\nDevelop your songs\nBe able to perform competently as an individual or part of a band\nHave an understanding of song style\, structure and content\nHave an overview of the music industry and how to market your music\nHave an understanding of vocal technique\n\nCourse length: 5 days \n\nAttend two ICMP Summer Schools \nIf you’d also like to attend our Music Performance Summer School which runs the week prior to this course\, we can offer both courses as a package for £500. \n URL: LOCATION:ICMP London\, 1B Dyne Road\, London\, NW6 7XG\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="ICMP%20London" GEO:51.54453;-0.201898 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=ICMP London 1B Dyne Road London NW6 7XG United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=1B Dyne Road:geo:-0.201898,51.54453 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190805T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190402T080250Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190510T080313Z SUMMARY:ICMP Songwriting Summer School DESCRIPTION:ICMP’s songwriting summer school is for creative songwriters to learn\, create and connect with like-minded songwriters\, through song creation and performance and inspirational teaching in our fantastic London facilities. Book now and start looking forward to creating great music this summer! \nCourse overview\nMusic Production Summer School • Ages 16+\nOur Music Production Summer School is the perfect opportunity to spend a week learning how to create your own music using either Ableton Live or Logic Pro. You’ll develop techniques including sampling\, drum programming and mastering\, and will finish the week knowing how to create and complete your own tracks. \nStudents have the option to focus on either Ableton Live or Logic Pro. If you’re not familiar with these platforms\, Ableton is ideal for electronic music producers and Logic is more suited to traditional musicians. However\, both platforms are extremely adaptable and will allow you to produce music in any style or genre  you wish to pursue. \nGuided by our specialist tutors\, all active professional musicians and producers in their own right\, you’ll be taken through the basics of the software platform and introduced to the techniques and processes involved in music production – from understanding the interface through to making beats\, using samples and creating chord sequences and melodies. \nYour week-long course will be a journey through the music production process\, moving from recording and arranging\, through to post-production. Essentially giving you the skills to create and produce finished compositions. \nThis exciting week of music production tuition will also include guest sessions exploring some specific elements of production\, from deconstructing drum beats through to mixing and mastering. \nBy completing this course\, you will: \n\nGain a strong understanding of the capabilities of Ableton or Logic as a production and performance tool.\nBuild your own tracks using samples and powerful in-built instruments.\nCreate your own drum beats and samples.\nUnderstand the importance of adding swing and groove to bring your drum patterns to life.\nCreate chord progressions\, melodies and arpeggios.\nCreate your own instruments using any source\, allowing you to become independent from pre-made libraries.\nUnderstand how  to mix and master your tracks.\nAbleton students will also understand the capabilities of taking their music into a live environment using Ableton Live.\n\n\nAttend two ICMP Summer Schools \nIf you’d also like to attend our Music Performance Summer School which runs the week prior to this course\, we can offer both courses as a package for £500. \n URL: LOCATION:ICMP London\, 1B Dyne Road\, London\, NW6 7XG\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="ICMP%20London" GEO:51.54453;-0.201898 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=ICMP London 1B Dyne Road London NW6 7XG United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=1B Dyne Road:geo:-0.201898,51.54453 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190805T093000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190808T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T142028Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135800Z SUMMARY:Leeds College of Music Summer Music Academy DESCRIPTION:About the course\nBuild your confidence and skills and enjoy a taste of conservatoire education at the Leeds College of Music Summer Music Academy. \nOur Summer Music Academy will support a wide range of musical interests including; \n\nClassical\nJazz\nMusical Theatre\nPopular Music\nMusic Production\n\nWhat’s in it for me?\nStudents will be able to experience a variety of workshops including; \n\nEnsemble and Solo Performance\nComposition\nMusic Theory\nHow to be successful with HE applications and interviews\n\nStudents who successfully complete the Academy will have the opportunity to gain 8 UCAS Tariff points towards an offer of a place on an LCoM Undergraduate course. \nThere will also be an evening social programme of fun activities where you can get to know your fellow academy students as well as talk to our current student ambassadors and experience life in Leeds. \nWho’s it for?\nYear 12 Students (16-18 Years Old) \nAccommodation\nResidential option is available with rooms at Liberty Dock in Leeds City Centre for participants aged 16+ at an additional fee. \nRegistration information\nNon-residential course fee: £360 \nBursaries \n\nWe want to ensure that no one turns down a place on the Summer Music Academy due to the cost. We have a bursary fund that supports students and their families dependent on their situation.\n\nFor more information and to register your interest\, visit the Leeds College of Music website or email \n URL: LOCATION:Leeds College of Music\, 3 Quarry Hill\, Leeds\, LS2 7PD\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:53.7982301;-1.5312517 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Leeds College of Music 3 Quarry Hill Leeds LS2 7PD United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=3 Quarry Hill:geo:-1.5312517,53.7982301 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190808T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190814T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T140646Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135800Z SUMMARY:Oundle for Organists Summer School DESCRIPTION:About the course\nOundle for Organists’ annual Summer School runs for six jam-packed days alongside the Oundle International Festival. The course is for organists roughly in the 14-23 age bracket\, anywhere from Grade 6 through post-graduate standard. \nBased in the beautiful Northamptonshire market town\, the Oundle for Organists Summer School\, founded over 30 years ago\, is the perfect week of intensive tuition and fun. \nTheir renowned tutors will guide and inspire you; you’ll gain new insights into your playing every day. You’ll make friends and spend time with kindred spirits\, and you’ll broaden your musical horizons by experiencing memorable performances in the Oundle International Festival. You’ll even participate in one of them! \nWorking with distinguished tutors\, studying repertoire of all periods\, honing technique\, keyboard skills and making music in both concert and liturgical settings\, there is a lot to be done in a short space of time! \nStudents will have free admittance to many musical events of the Oundle International Festival. \n\nWhat happens?\n\nInspiring classes on organs in and around Oundle and a day of classes in Cambridge\nThe opportunity to hear a variety of performances in the Oundle International Festival\, some of which will be by your tutors\nComfortable accommodation\, great pastoral care\, and good food at Oundle School\nPlenty of fun with like-minded students – you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime\nAn OfO Eucharist on Sunday 14 July\, where students conduct\, provide the organ music\, hymns\, and accompaniments\nParticipation in a student choir at a Festival concert\, and at the Eucharist\nAn informal student concert on Sunday 14th July at 2.30pm in the Oundle School Chapel\nInstruction on improvisation\, transposition\, sight-reading\, score-reading\, hymn-playing and other keyboard skills which you will need for organ scholarship trials or church music jobs\n\nAwards\nOundle courses are non-competitive. We aim to help you succeed by assessing your standard\, progress\, and potential. This helps us know how best to support you on the course and in the future. Following the Summer School each student receives a comprehensive written report from the Director of OfO\, incorporating feedback from the other tutors. In addition\, all students are eligible to receive Mentoring and Recital Awards. For further details of these\, please see our website. \nTutors\n\nAnn Elise Smoot\nMartin Baker\nJeremy Filsell\nDavid Goode\nRonny Krippner\nJames McVinnie\nAnne Page\nRichard Pinel\n\nFees and registration\n\n£630 for applications received by 31 Jan 2019\n£685 from 1 Feb 2018\n\nThe fee covers everything – tuition\, accommodation\, meals\, and transport during the week. For bursary information\, see the back of the brochure. \n\nWhat they say\n‘My week at Oundle has been one of the most memorable of my life so far. Never before have I encountered so many young and like-minded people\, and I have come away feeling that I have made some life-long friends.’ – 2018 Summer School student \n URL: LOCATION:Oundle\, Oundle\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:52.4808407;-0.4687516 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190818T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190420T143035Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190624T222530Z SUMMARY:MediaSoundHamburg 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the event\nMediaSoundHamburg is the leading international summer school for film music\, game music and sound design. The event has taken place annually since 2011. \n\nUPDATE 24 JUNE 2019: Programme published\nMediaSoundHamburg 2019 Timetable\n\nFor ten days\, national and international film composers\, game musicians and sound designers meet international professionals and renowned experts. In various workshops\, master classes and forums\, the participants work on specific projects and get new ideas for their artistic work. \nPrevious guests in Hamburg include Patrick Doyle\, Randy Thom\, Mark Stoeckinger\, Shigeru Umebayashi\, Michael Nyman\, Olivier Derivière\, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek\, Tim Nielsen\, James Mather\, Christopher Young\, Bille August\, Ben Burtt\, Annette Focks\, Joe Kraemer\, Chris Huelsbec and Youki Yamamoto. \nScholarships\nWith regular scholarships\, MediaSoundHamburg promotes young talent in the field of film composition\, game music and sound design. Since 2011\, the Fondation SUISA\, a foundation of the Swiss collecting society SUISA\, has supported nine young film composers. They all still profit from the top-class network and still rave about the concentrated and familiar working atmosphere. \nSome scholarship holders were recommended to big majors\, got one of the coveted study places at the Royal College of Music in London or are still regularly requested for composition commissions. The scholarship includes free participation in all events as well as free accommodation and board. \nProgramme\nMasterclasses\nIn the three-day Masterclasses in film music\, game music and sound design\, the participants work together with top-class international professionals on specific tasks and projects already set up for the course. The participants also get an insight into their working methods\, gain practical experience and receive individual feedback on their own work. \nForums\nIn our forums\, experienced composers report on the great moments and lows of their work. The forums give the participants the opportunity to ask questions about the fields of film music\, game music and sound design\, to gain experience and to get ideas for their future career. \nWorkshops\nOur workshops offer a practice-oriented introduction to different sections of film music\, game music and sound design. The topics range from composing and arranging via media music to working with various software such as ProTools or programs such as the Vienna Sound Library. \nSpecial events\nMediaSoundHamburg offers public evening events for a wide audience. \n\n‘An evening with…’\nIn the podium discussion\, our most prominent guest gives an entertaining and humorous insight into his work and lets the audience participate in the creation process of his composition by means of selected film or video sequences. Audience questions are welcome.\nYoung Talent Award: Awards Ceremony\nThe winners of the Young Talent Award Media Music will be honoured at a family award ceremony.\nFarewell Party\nOn the last evening of the International Summer School we review the past ten days with all participants\, lecturers\, sponsors and guests. With finger food\, drinks and an extensive programme the beautiful view of the Elbe river will be enjoyed one last time before it‘s time to say goodbye again!\n\nPricing\nAll MasterClasses\, Workshops\, Forums and SpecialEvents can be booked individually. The prices for the single tickets can be found in the current program. Students\, trainees and interns receive a 20% discount. \nMediaSoundHamburg offers the following packages: \nMSH FlatratePLUS: €2\,500 (incl. 19% VAT) \n\nfor any number of MasterClasses\, Workshops\, Forums and Special Events incl. MasterClass with Randy Thom\n\nMSH Flatrate: €1.800\,00 (incl. 19% VAT) \n\nfor any number of MasterClasses\, Workshops\, Forums and Special Events\n\nMSH FlatrateFORUM: €150\,00 (incl. 19% VAT) \n\nfor any number of Forums and Special Events\n\nScholarships\nYoung film composers\, game musicians\, sound designers and interested people from all over the world up to the age of 35 can apply for a scholarship. \nA scholarship includes free participation in all MasterClasses\, Workshops\, Forums and Special events as well as accommodation and board worth €3.000\,00. \nScholarship application \nBookings\nPlease book tickets via the MediaSoundHamburg website. \n URL: LOCATION:Elsa Brändström Haus\, Kösterbergstraße 62\, Hamburg\, D-2258\, Germany CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190809T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190818T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T171116Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135759Z SUMMARY:British Isles Music Festival 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the British Isles Music Festival\nThe British Isles Music Festival is a unique\, residential chamber music and master class course\, which celebrates the emergence of outstanding young musicians throughout the world. \nIt unites young people through the common language of music and gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience\, learn from each other and learn from some of the top teachers and performers in the UK and Europe. \nDuring the festival they study in masterclass and individually with established professors\, rehearse under supervision and perform major works in high level concerts to the general public and to their peers and professors. This is enormously beneficial to the many students who do not yet have the opportunity to work and perform on a more professional level. This experience is a much needed bridge between conservatory and professional life. \nWho should attend\n\nConservatory and young professional musicians intending to have a career in music as performers\nInstruments: wind\, strings\, piano and harpsichord.\nMusicians may apply individually or come as a ready formed group.\nThe lower age limit is 18 and upper age limit 32.\n\nWhat’s in it for me?\n\nWork with established performers and teachers\nLearn rehearsal techniques\nIncrease your confidence\nExplore new repertoire\nMeet musicians from around the world and make new friends\nTake part in a number of high level concerts\nGain performing experience\n\nConcerts\nIn 2018\, 65 musicians attended from 25 countries and we programmed more than 130 works. The concert repertoire for the main Concerts Series will be determined by applicants’ choices and the constellation of musicians who take part in the festival. \n\nThe Director contacts all applicants well in advance to discuss concert repertoire\, allowing preparation time.\nThere will be four concerts each day for students to perform in\, including Lunchtime Informal Concerts\, Afternoon Baroque Concerts\, 6 o’Clock Duo Concerts in the and 8 o’Clock Concerts in the Chapel.\nSome concerts are video-recorded professionally.\n\nFaculty: Professors\nFlute: Susan Milan ARCM(Hons)\, FRCM\, PgDip(GSMD)\nFormer Principal flute of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Chamber musician and recording artists. Member of the London Chamber Music Groups\, Debussy Ensemble and Instrumental Quintet of London.  Professor of Flute\, Royal College of Music\, London. Adjunct Professor of Flute Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance\, London. Founder and Director of the British Isles Music Festival. \nAssistant Flute: Nina Robertson\nSuccessful freelance musician\, chamber musician and soloist as well as experienced teacher. She studied at the RCM with Susan Milan\, winning numerous prizes and graduating with a B.Mus (Hons) and a Dip\,RCM. \n Oboe: David Theodore\nDavid Theodore studied the oboe at the Royal Academy of Music. At the age of twenty he was appointed Principal Oboe in the BBC Welsh Orchestra. He has held various London Principal positions\, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra\, The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House\, Covent Garden and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Chamber musician and soloist\,  he has appeared with many of the leading orchestras. He has recorded the Mozart and the Vaughan Williams Concertos with the London Symphony Orchestra for Chandos Records. \nClarinet: Mark Van de Wiel\nMark van de Wiel is established as one of Britain’s leading and most versatile clarinettists. Born in Northampton and educated at Merton College\, Oxford\, and the Royal College of Music\, Mark was appointed principal clarinettist with Welsh National Opera and subsequently with Glyndebourne Touring Opera. He joined the Philharmonia as principal clarinet in 2000\, and the London Sinfonietta in 2002. He is also principal with the London Chamber Orchestra.  He is a  member of the Endymion Ensemble and  Professor of Clarinet\, Royal Academy of Music\, London. \nClarinet: Barnaby Robson\nFrom 1998-2013\, Barnaby performed worldwide as principal clarinet of the Philharmonia Orchestra and in April 2014\, joined the orchestra of English National Opera as principal clarinet. As a soloist\, chamber and orchestral musician\, he has performed on numerous TV and film scores and have recorded albums for Sony\, ASV\, Hyperion\, the BBC and Decca. He has composed music for TV\, film\, radio and the concert hall. His scores have been used in productions broadcast on the BBC\, Channel Four\, ITV and Sky and in Europe\, the USA\, Canada\, Australasia and Japan. He has produced albums and tracks for Westone Music\, EMI and Universal Music. \nHorn: Jeffrey Bryant\nJeffrey Bryant studied horn at RAM with Ifor James. He is currently horn professor at RCM having previously taught at GSMD for thirty years. He has held the position of principal horn in the LPO\, LSO and RPO with whom his has frequently appeared as soloist. He has recorded the Mozart concerti and the Britten Serenade with the RPO. He is horn tutor with the iCulture Orchestra and previously held that position with EUYO. \nBassoon: Martin Gatt\nMartin Gatt studied at the Royal College of Music with Archie Camden and was principal bassoon of the London Philharmonic Orchestra from 1958-66\, of the English Chamber Orchestra from 1966-76\, and of the London Symphony Orchestra from 1977-98. He was also bassoonist in the Barry Tuckwell Wind Quintet from 1967-91 and taught at Guildhall School of Music and Drama from 1967-84. At the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts he founded the Department of Wind\, Brass and Percussion. He is currently Professor of Bassoon at the Royal College of Music\, London. \nViolin: Philippe Honoré\nPhilippe Honoré was a principal player with the Philharmonia Orchestras from 2005–2011. After receiving top honours from both the Paris Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music in London\, he was made Lauréat of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation of France in 1992 and was awarded an Honorary Associateship by the Royal Academy of Music in 2001. He is a former member of the Vellinger Quartet and a founding member of the Mobius ensemble and regularly appears as soloist with leading orchestras. He is professor of Violin at the Royal Academy of Music\, London \nViolin: Igor Keller\nRecitalist and chamber musician based in Switzerland and 1st Concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra of St Gallen. \nViola: Yuko Inoue\nWinner of the 17th Budapest International Viola Competition\, Yuko has performed as a soloist throughout Europe and Japan with many orchestras.She performs frequently with Britain’s most eminent string quartets and chamber ensembles. She is a member of the Fibonacci Sequence Ensemble and Professor of Viola\, Royal Academy of Music\, and RAM Junior Department\, London. \nCello: Josephine Knight\nJosephine is Professor of Cello and Alfredo Piatti Chair of the Royal Academy of Music\, London.  She studied at Yale University and Juilliard School before launching a career as soloist and chamber musician collaborating with many leading international performers. She has recorded for EMI Classics\, Deutsche Grammophon\, Chandos and Blackbox/ASV. \nPiano: Ian Brown\nIan is a musician of great versatility whose career embraces chamber music\, solo and duo playing and conducting. His musical life began as a bassoon player\, eventually concentrating on the piano when he became pianist-in-residence at Southampton University. As concerto soloist he has appeared with many of Britain’s leading orchestras playing a diverse solo repertoire from Bach to Rachmaninov and Bartók. He became pianist with The Nash Ensemble in 1978 and during this long association has played at all the important British music festivals. he is currently Professor of piano\, Royal Academy of Music\, London. \nHarpsichord: Robert Costin\nOne of Britain’s leading harpsichordists\, Robert has made numerous acclaimed recordings and travels internationally as soloist and chamber musician. \nFaculty: Resident pianists\nDaniel King Smith studied at the Royal Academy of Music where he won numerous prizes for Chamber Music. He is now much in demand as a collaborative pianist and recitalist. \nLeo Nicholson studied piano at the Purcell School\, the Junior Royal Northern College of Music\, and at Trinity Laban where he was a consistent prize-winner. He is a much sought-after accompanist and has returned to Trinity as a faculty member.He has performed with the flautist Rosanna Ter-Berg at the Wigmore Hall\, and with the saxophonist Anthony Brown. Together they have played all over the country. \nJill Morton is much in demand as both soloist and collaborative pianist. She spent a season as Pianist in Residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta\, Canada and has given masterclasses at universities and specialist music schools throughout Britain. She currently holds the position of Head of Keyboard at the Perse School in Cambridge. \nFrancesca Carta is currently professor of piano at the G. P. da Palestrina Conservatory of Cagliari. She is member of the Hofmannsthal Ensemble\, with whom has recorded for Radio Suisse Romande\, Riverberi Sonori Recordings and Radio France. Francesca is regularly invited as collaborative pianist for competitions\, courses and master classes. \nRegistration and fees\nApply online on the BIMF website. \nCourse fee and full board: £1100 \nBIMF is a residential course.  The fee covers accommodation  in comfortable modern single rooms with communal shower rooms and toilets\,  breakfast\, morning coffee\, lunch\, afternoon tea and dinner. \nNon-residents will be charged £20 per day for lunch and dinner. 8 days plus one dinner: £170 \nA number of scholarships and bursaries are available for each class. These are awarded at the discretion of the Musical Director and Professors on the basis of both level of playing and financial needs.  We will require a personal statement\, a recording\, a video or YouTube recording (if possible)\, a reference and a photograph. \nPlease apply here. \nThe closing date for course applications will be 17 June 2019. The number of places in each class will be capped at 12 for violins\, 10 for flutes\, 8 for all other classes. \nThe closing date for scholarship applications will be 17 May 2019. \n URL: LOCATION:Charterhouse School\, Charterhouse Road\, Godalming\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Festivals,International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="British%20Isles%20Music%20Festival" GEO:51.1953881;-0.6173992 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Charterhouse School Charterhouse Road Godalming United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Charterhouse Road:geo:-0.6173992,51.1953881 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190811T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190817T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T163116Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135550Z SUMMARY:Summer School for Pianists 2019 DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe Summer School for Pianists has established a central and unique position in the field over the last 40 years. \nThe 2019 Summer School for Pianists will take place at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire from 11-17 August 2019. The school is set amidst 250 acres of magnificent National Trust gardens landscaped by ‘Capability’ Brown\, with masterclasses taking place in the splendour of the State Music Room of Stowe House as well as in the new music department of this All Steinway school. \nCombining a friendly atmosphere with musical expertise\, the Summer School for Pianists has become an essential annual event for pianists of all levels. \nSuperb facilities at Stowe School ensure that music takes centre stage for a week\, with top class concert instruments and plenty of practice rooms. The masterclasses\, lecture presentations\, tutor and student concerts\, ensuite accommodation and good food in a stunning location create an event that is informative\, stimulating and sociable for all pianists – and music lovers who simply wish to observe. \nProgramme highlights\nIn 2018 the tutor presentations\, Piano Matters\, were especially praised for making the course even more attractive for performing participants and for observers as well. The three Piano Matters topics for 2019 are: \n\nThe Classical Cover Version from Karl Lutchmayer;\nKeeping Repertoire Fresh from Graham Fitch; and\nChord of the Week – an Exploration of Harmony from David Owen Norris (tbc)\n\nThere will be a class for Piano Accompaniment with Ann Martin-Davis and baritone Brian White\, and a series of early evening optional activities – including: \n\nchoir;\na session on Sight-reading Skills with Christine Stevenson;\na presentation on technique: The Essential Mr Czerny with James Lisney; and\na session on Audacity Software\, with Dieter Niebel. Learn to record your own performances on your lap-top!\n\n2019 theme\nThe theme for 2019 is the influence that folk music-making has had on piano repertoire – folk song\, dance and legend. As a non-obligatory option\, participants are invited to choose a piece with a ‘folk’ connection. There is much to explore! \nRecitals and masterclasses\nThe tutor Recitals will be particularly varied\, with repertoire drawn from composers including Purcell\, Louis Couperin\, Haydn\, Beethoven\, Chopin\, Alkan\, Liszt\, Hindemith and Britten. \nThere are six thirty-minute solo recital opportunities for participants – Platforms – available for a modest charge\, and three student concerts for solo or duet items. \nAs usual\, each participant will be allotted three half-hour slots in their masterclasses during the week. All are welcome to visit other classes to observe. Private lessons can be booked with each of the tutors. \nLeisure activities\nAnd there will be time to wander around the grounds\, play a round of golf on the 9-hole golf course (green fees apply)\, have a game of tennis (please bring your own racquets and tennis balls) or\, for an additional fee\, enjoy a guided tour of Stowe House. \n\nTestimonials\nI am still a novice in the piano playing community\, and the more I reflect\, the more I am convinced how good the week has been! The quality of teaching was superb – it really was. The ambience\, the pianos – it has made me aware of where I am\, the path ahead of me and the endless opportunities to take my piano playing further. \nBob \nI can thoroughly recommend the Summer School for Pianists …  A great deal of planning and thought goes into the programme by the Directors. A very varied\, fascinating and enjoyable set of activities\, including talks\, lectures\, invited speakers\, recitals and concerts\, runs alongside the excellent masterclasses given by the tutors. I found all of this really valuable in setting my attempts to play the piano in a wider musical context. The facilities were also excellent\, with good grand pianos for the classes\, and a large number of practice rooms. Last but not least\, the atmosphere was friendly and supportive. \nSusan \nI have just returned from my fourth year’s Piano Summer School and can honestly say it was the best one so far – a wonderful experience! We had fabulous concerts from the tutors who also gave us interesting lectures and entertained us\, as well as giving us inspiring tuition. The whole atmosphere is very friendly and it was lovely to meet up again with piano friends from previous years. \nTricia \nTutors\n\nAnn Martin-Davis\nGraham Fitch\nChristine Stevenson\nJames Lisney\nKarl Lutchmayer\n\nRegistration and fees\nPlease visit the organiser’s website to download and complete the registration form. \nFees\nFees include class tuition and full board\, plus ensuite accommodation: \nPiano Masterclasses – participants: £895 \nObservers who attend classes\, activities and concerts: £795 \n\nA non-refundable deposit of £160 should accompany booking-forms on making a booking\nBalance of fees due by 11 June 2019. Late entries will be accepted if there are vacancies\nA full refund of fees (minus the deposit) will be made on cancellation of booking before 1 July 2019\n\n URL: LOCATION:Stowe School\, Stowe\, Buckingham\, MK18 5EH\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="Summer%20School%20for%20Pianists" GEO:52.0343895;-1.0157431 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Stowe School Stowe Buckingham MK18 5EH United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=Stowe:geo:-1.0157431,52.0343895 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190811T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190825T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T165646Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135550Z SUMMARY:Veneto Opera Summer School DESCRIPTION:About the course\nVeneto Opera Summer School & Arte Lirica Festival 2019 for singers\, pianists and instrumentalists \n\nAn enriching programme of coaching\, masterclasses and performances including staged opera scenes from La bohème\, Don Giovanni and Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria\nLed by renowned Italian Coach and Melofonetica Founder Dr Matteo Dalle Fratte (Royal Opera House\, National Opera Studio\, Guildhall School\, Royal College of Music\, London)\n\nJoin our experienced faculty in Italy to improve your performance skills in Italian opera repertoire – and be part of Arte Lirica Festival 2019. \nWith leading language coaching and music coaching to improve diction\, expression and musicality\, the programme will prepare participants for a range of exciting Festival performances – including recitals\, pop-up events and staged scenes at Asolo’s royal opera house\, Teatro Eleonora Duse. \nWe are proud to have received exceptional feedback from all our previous course participants – read numerous reviews here and join us to experience the difference yourself! \n\nOpportunities for singers\nPrincipal roles\nWe invite advanced and professional singers to join us for the two-week programme\, 11-25 August\, in one of the following roles: \nLa bohème\, Puccini – excerpts from Acts 1 and 2 \n\nRodolfo\, Marcello\, Schaunard\, Colline\, Musetta\, Mimì\n\nDon Giovanni\, Mozart – full Act 1 Finale \n\nDon Ottavio\, Don Giovanni\, Leporello\, Masetto\, Donna Elvira\, Donna Anna\, Zerlina\n\nIl ritorno d’Ulisse in patria\, Monteverdi – excerpts from Act 2 \n\nUlisse (tenor)\, Anfinomo (tenor)\, Antinoo (baritone)\, Penelope (mezzo)\, Pisandro (mezzo or countertenor)\n\nChorus members\nWe welcome singers of all levels looking to develop skills and experience in Italian repertoire to join us as a chorus participant on either the one-week programme\, 18-25 August\, or two-week programme\, 11-25 August. \n\n“Hands down worth every single penny. You can only benefit from this course\, it should be mandatory for all young professionals who are seriously thinking of going into the profession.” \nÓli\, Tenor \n\nOpportunities for pianists\nWe invite pianists looking to develop operatic accompaniment experience and/or skills as a répétiteur to join us for the two-week programme\, 11-25 August. \n\nOpportunities for instrumentalists\nWe welcome applications from both individual instrumentalists and ensemble groups interested in developing experience in playing for opera. Instrumentalists are invited to join the one-week programme\, 18-25 August; some two-week places may also be available. \n\nProgramme information\nAll programmes include: \n\nInspiring coaching\, lectures and masterclasses with renowned Italian coach Matteo Dalle Fratte and our experienced music coaches\nPerformances as part of Arte Lirica Festival 2019 in iconic Asolo\nHigh quality\, half-board accommodation in a comfortable ensuite room\, with breakfast and wonderful Italian lunches (excl. 21 to 24 August when participants will be free to explore Asolo at lunchtime)\nWelcome aperitivo in Bassano’s historic centre\nCelebratory pizza and prosecco dinner\n\nFaculty\n\nMatteo Dalle Fratte\, Lead Coach\nPeter Ford\, Conductor and Coach\nJulie Aherne\, Pianist and Coach\nBernard Tan\, Pianist and Coach\n\nRegistration and fees\nFor full details of fees\, accommodation and how to apply\, download the programme brochure. \n\nPlaces will be allocated on a first come\, first served basis\, and applications must be received by 31 December 2018 to qualify for the early bird rates.\n\n URL: LOCATION:Asolo\, Treviso\, Italy CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:45.6668893;12.2430437 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190811T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190816T170000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190516T071750Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135551Z SUMMARY:EPTA Piano Teachers' Summer School DESCRIPTION:The very first EPTA summer school will run alongside the hugely successful ESTA summer school at University of Chichester. In addition to a full programme of illuminating and in depth sessions delivered by Rowan Cozens and Anthony Williams the course will offer yoga\, evening recitals and other events with ESTA members. \nThis fabulous summer school is a one-stop-shop for revitalising\, refreshing and reenergising your teaching\, whether you are new to the profession or an experienced teacher looking for inspiring CPD. It is perfect for those aspiring to teach the piano in the near future\, those preparing for a diploma from ABRSM or EPTA or for those who simply wish to share and explore new ideas amidst the friendship and camaraderie of fellow musicians and teachers. \nPrincipal tutors\nRowan Cozens and Anthony Williams \nProgramme\n\nDay One: Introduction and a Philosophy of Teaching\nDay Two: First Lessons\, Curriculum Planning\, Technique in Context\nDay Three: Morning Diploma Sessions (CertEPTA\, DipABRSM & LRSM)\, Principles of Good Technique and Trade Fair\nDay Four: Principles of Good Technique cont.\nDay Five: The Pianist as Interpreter & Interpreting Repertoire Across the Periods\nDay Six: The Art and Skill of Performing and the Professional Piano Teacher\n\n URL: LOCATION:University of Chichester\, Chichester\, PO19 6PE\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Courses,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: ORGANIZER;CN="EPTA%20UK" GEO:50.8440434;-0.7746834 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190812T093000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190814T163000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190411T204146Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135550Z SUMMARY:Summer Music Fun 2019: 3 day music course for children 9-18 years old DESCRIPTION:About the course\nSummer Music Fun is an annual high quality and exceptional\, music-filled\, 3 day course for young musicians aged 9-18\, \ngrades 2 – diploma. This year will be our 12th successful year. \nThis intensive course enables young people to enjoy making music together. It aims to produce a high level of performance through a relaxed\, yet working atmosphere. \nAvailable places\n\nPlaces are available for all woodwind\, brass and string players\nThe course also has limited places available for percussion\, bass guitar and guitar\n\nOn the final day all young musicians perform on stage in a spectacular evening concert for family and friends. \nTutors\nHannah Horton is a freelance performer\, teacher and coach specialising in woodwind. As a youngster she attended the prestigious Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama and in her teens became a lead member of NYJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra) and the National Youth Music Theatre. Hannah continued her studies at Goldsmiths\, followed by Trinity College of Music gaining her Advanced Postgraduate Performance Diploma. Accomplished on flute\, bassoon and clarinet as well as sax\, she now teaches her own students to a high level whilst pursuing her performing career with the Hannah Horton Quartet in London and the South East. In addition to leading her own jazz quartet\, Hannah is a composer in her own right. She has played alongside many great jazz musicians including John Etheridge\, Ian Shaw\, Tina May\, Acoustic Triangle\, Simon Bates\, Irene Serra\, Buster Cooper and John Lamb and at venues as diverse as Royal Festival Hall\, Ronnie Scotts\, Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express Jazz Club. \nShe has entertained the Royal Family and performed on TV. Hannah teaches locally both privately and at Linton Village College\, Castle Camps Primary School\, Saffron Walden County High School and The Meadows Balsham. \nTim Pannell studied Trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music and Music Technology at ARU. He is the principal cornet of Haverhill Silver Band and plays with the brass quintet Tube. Tim has appeared on recordings with Ronnie Wood and Paul Weller. He works at a number of Primary and Secondary schools in the Cambridge area\, as well as teaching Brass\, Guitar\, Drums\, Piano and Music Theory privately. \nLouis Thorne has been a professional musician for the past 20 years or so and during this time has devoted a significant proportion of his time to teaching\, in schools such as The Perse\, Oundle\, The Leys and King’s Ely. He still works at the latter two\, as well as at the Friends’ school in Saffron Walden and at Linton Village College. Louis has performed at Glastonbury\, The Big Chill\, and Secret Garden festivals\, at Ronnie Scott’s\, the London Hippodrome\, Pizza on the Park and the 100 Club\, played in the West End production of “Cabaret” and has written and recorded music that has appeared on television\, film and radio worldwide. \nRichard Partridge is a multi-instrumentalist performer and teacher. He began his musical career busking English and Irish folk fiddle on the streets of London and Barcelona\, delving also into Spanish traditional music and bluegrass/Americana. Later\, while taking a music degree at Birmingham University\, he discovered an interest in Baroque and Renaissance music\, which led to a master’s degree on the bass viol (viola da gamba) at the Early Music Institute at Indiana University. As a performer he continues to explore these multiple threads\, adding to them jazz\, folk and rock on the double bass\, and classical viola. \nHe teaches violin\, viola and double bass privately and at Walden School and RA Butler Primary School in Saffron Walden\, Linton Village College\, the Meadow in Balsham\, and Great Abington Primary School. He also teaches ukulele courses for the Women’s Institute at Denman College. \n URL: LOCATION:Haverhill Arts Centre\, High Street\, Haverhill\, CB9 8AR\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/London":20190812T160000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/London":20190818T130000 DTSTAMP:20190715T220517 CREATED:20190422T143436Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190529T135550Z SUMMARY:British Kodály Academy 37th International Kodály Summer School DESCRIPTION:About the course\nThe BKA’s Summer School returns for 2019\, featuring a week of intense fun and learning with teaching from some of the finest minds in music education. \nAt the 37th International Summer school you will be exposed to a wide range of musical styles\, develop musicianship and work with like-minded people who take music and having fun very seriously. \nThe Summer School 2019 will include: \nMusicianship – Choir – Methodology – Choral Conducting\nSinging Games – Daily Vocal Warm ups – Workshops – Evening Events\nOptional Piano and Singing Lessons and Chamber Music Coaching \nAlongside the General Course we will be running accredited certification for anyone wishing to qualify as a teacher using the Kodály approach. \nCourse leaders\nGuest Tutors\n\nLászló Norbert Nemes\nÁrpád Tóth\nBori Szirányi\nOrsolya Szabó\nAllan Hubert-Wright\nFlorent Isoard\n\nUK Tutors\n\nLucinda Geoghegan\nAlan Murdock\nLynne Clark\nSally Leeming\nBen Lawrence\n\nCourse Accompanists\n\nSimon Kent\nAnne Ralph\n\nRegistration information\nPlease visit the BKA website. \nWhat they say\n‘Already\, I have started embedding these new ways of thinking with my new class of 10 – to 16-year-old musicianship students\, who\, after just one month of teaching\, have already told me how much easier and FUN their musicianship class is… Magic!’ – Laura McFall\, musicianship teacher and classical singer\, Northern Ireland \n‘It’s difficult to find the words to describe the BKA Summer School experience to somebody who hasn’t seen it for themselves. So rather than spouting superlatives\, perhaps the biggest testimony I can give is that when I had to go home\, I sobbed and gulped like a baby who had had all of his favourite dinosaur toys taken away.’ – Jimmy Rotheram \n URL: LOCATION:University of Nottingham\, University Park\, Nottingham\, NG7 2RD\, United Kingdom CATEGORIES:International,Summer schools,UK and Ireland ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: GEO:52.938681;-1.1951732 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=University of Nottingham University Park Nottingham NG7 2RD United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=500;X-TITLE=University Park:geo:-1.1951732,52.938681 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR