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Steinberg releases Dorico SE, free ‘lite’ version of notation software

Steinberg Media Technologies announced the availability of Dorico SE, an introductory – and free to download and use – version of the company's advanced music notation software

Steinberg Media Technologies has announced the availability of Dorico SE, an introductory – and free to download and use – version of the company’s advanced music notation software.

Dorico SE has been designed as a starting point for new composers and arrangers, and is fully compatible with the other products in the Dorico family. The SE version allows projects with up to two players and brings a number of unique capabilities to free music notation software for the first time, particularly in the area of sound and playback, including:

  • Sequencer-style Play mode, complete with piano roll editor, velocity editor, automation lanes for MIDI controllers, and a dynamics lane that allows tweaking of the playback effect of dynamic markings written in the score
  • Support for all VST 3 instrument and effect plug-ins, in addition to the included HALion Sonic SE 3 sampler with more than 1,000 production-ready sounds, and a suite of 30 effects plug-ins
  • A full audio Mixer, with sends and inserts for effects, and a global effects channel
  • The same award-winning, high-precision audio engine found in Steinberg’s leading digital audio workstation, Cubase
  • Easy export of audio files in MP3 and WAV format

Workflows from ‘senior’ versions of Dorico, Elements and Pro, for inputting, editing and arranging music are also included in Dorico SE, together with a single-window user interface, which puts all tools within easy reach through one or two mouse clicks. Dorico SE can open projects created in Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro, and projects created in other products in the family can be edited in Dorico SE provided they included only one or two players. Projects with a greater number of players can still be opened, played back and printed.

Steinberg has also created a series of short tutorial videos on YouTube for new users.

Daniel Spreadbury, Product Marketing Manager for Dorico, said:

‘Supporting the next generation of composers, arrangers and educators is a vital part of our mission at Steinberg. Dorico SE demonstrates our commitment to making our powerful, industry-leading tools available to all musicians, whatever their budget and level of experience. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing all of the incredible music that Dorico SE will help young musicians to create.’

Availability and pricing

Dorico SE is available to download from the Steinberg website free of charge. Dorico SE users who later wish to trade up to Dorico Elements or Dorico Pro will benefit from preferential pricing and can find the latest offers exclusively in the Steinberg Online Shop.