Steinberg releases Absolute 5 collection of instrument plug-ins

Absolute 5

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of a new collection of 28 standalone or plug-in instruments for VST, AU, and AAX hosts.

The collection includes award-winning drum re-synthesizer Backbone layers, which re-synthesises and decomposes samples into noise and tonal parts, making it one of the most innovative instruments for drum sound design and re-synthesis. Also new to Absolute are the vintage keys of Amped Elektra, Electric Bass and the expansions Polarities for Padshop 2, Sounds of Soul for Retrologue 2 and Future Past Perfect for Groove Agent 5.

Also included in Absolute 5 are the instruments from the previous iteration, such as HALion 6, a sampling and sound creation instrument for sound designers and producers, the Padshop 2 granular and spectral synthesiser as well as the classic virtual analog synthesiser, Retrologue 2.

Senior Marketing Manager Florian Haack said, ‘We’re elated to be able to announce the fifth iteration of Absolute. With its many instruments, this powerhouse of a collection offers endless inspiration for creating music. You’re being treated to a plethora of premium sounds, easily dialed in through the many presets and instruments available in Absolute 5.’

Availability and pricing

Absolute 5 is available through the Steinberg Online Shop for 499 euros, including German VAT, and 499.99 US dollars.

  • Customers who have activated Absolute 4 since July 22, 2021, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Absolute 5.

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