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St Mary’s Music School launches online auditions

Scotland's national specialist music school is now accepting online applications for admissions auditions for instrumental and chorister places

Scotland’s national specialist music school, St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, is now accepting online applications for admissions auditions for instrumental and chorister places. Advisory auditions, for prospective students considering applying to the school, are also available.

The school has quickly adapted in recent weeks to the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic, with music and academic lessons continuing online for all pupils. The new admissions procedure has also been changed by adapting to online submissions.

Further information

Online auditions

If you are considering studying at a music school and would like to apply, you simply need to complete the online application form and then submit a series of pieces for review by the St Mary’s Music School panel.

  • Pieces recorded on a smartphone are perfectly acceptable – the audition process is all about getting to know you and understanding not just your ability right now, but more importantly your future potential
  • Your video(s) will be reviewed by the school’s audition panel comprising our Director of Music, Assistant Director of Music, Artistic Director and Headteacher. If the panel feel it is appropriate we will then invite you to an interview by Zoom
  • The final stage will be a ‘virtual two day stay’, where you will be able to meet some of the school’s pupils and staff online and take part in lessons via Teams and Zoom

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is Thursday 28 May 2020.

  • St Mary’s Music School we will accept applications after this time but the review process will be longer and may extend into the autumn term to ensure that you can complete the two day stay. For that reason we strongly encourage you to submit your applications by the deadline

Visit the Admissions page on the St Mary’s Music School website

Advisory instead of full audition

  • Even if you don’t think you are ready to apply for a place right now then you can submit pieces for an advisory audition, whereby the panel can provide you with constructive feedback and give you some guidance on the best next steps in your musical journey
  • This can provide invaluable advice and is well worth taking the time to do if you are passionate about music


If you have any questions at all or any concerns, please contact Mrs Walls, St Mary’s Music School Admissions Secretary, by email in the first instance.