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Spotify launches workplace streaming program

Following a successful pilot with employees of Accenture in Sweden and the Baltic states, the Swedish music streaming platform Spotify is rolling out its Spotify for Work service internationally.

Available to companies with 50,000 or more employees, the service offers a Spotify Premium subscription to each member of staff.

In the Accenture pilot, almost 40% of employees signed up within three months of the program’s launch, with more than 90% of those who signed up using the platform each month. 88% reported being ‘very satisfied’ with the offering in a post-launch survey.

Jan Jendeby, Managing Director at Accenture in the Nordics, said, ‘We believe offering Spotify for Work to our workforce attracts a broad generation of talents and sends the message that we actively work on new and innovative ways to improve the employee experience.’

The blending of personal and professional life due to the rise of remote work has increased the need for employers to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain key staff. Spotify describes its new service as ‘a modern benefit that has the potential to reach and resonate with every employee, no matter their role or location, and help build a stronger sense of community at every company’.