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Soundtrap and FutureDJs announce education partnership

Soundtrap, the online music creation platform, and education provider, FutureDJs, have launched a partnership to support music students in schools in England.

The companies are teaming up to give students in years 6-12 one-on-one or paired lessons covering components of GCSE Music, with the aim of inspiring students to extend their talent beyond the classroom by having access to versatile music production and composition tools.

Austen Smart, FutureDJs CEO, said:

‘We chose to work with Soundtrap because it’s known for its ease of use and because the platform is cloud-based so students can access their work from anywhere without having to install expensive software on their devices. Today’s students have a solid connection to technology so it’s natural for them to link electronic equipment with music.’

Following an initial focus on students taking GCSE in the national curriculum, FutureDJs now engages with students in years six, seven and eight through after-school clubs in primary schools as well. The company plans to increase its coverage across the UK, and the new partnership with Soundtrap will enable FutureDJs to broaden the reach of its work by creating virtual classrooms to complement in-school visits by Future DJs musicians.

The FutureDJs programme is structured into three different stages called Debut, Breakthrough, and Artist. According to Austen Smart, ‘This takes a student all the way from the building blocks of music and DJing to the most advanced skills of being a DJ, which would enable a student to be able to perform live or as part of their GCSE performance’.

Students typically have weekly 30-minute sessions with their tutor. Lessons can be taken solo or pairs.

Soundtrap, which is owned by Spotify, is a collaborative online recording studio which works on any device. Students can work together in real-time. The education version has a number of crucial safety features, providing a secure online environment for students.

Per Emanuelsson, managing director of Soundtrap at Spotify, said:

‘Integrating the FutureDJs and Soundtrap platforms makes possible a holistic approach to music to give kids an achievable way to realise their dreams by developing the essential skills of creativity and collaboration.  It opens the doors to future career opportunities in all areas of music and music production.’