Song Academy Young Songwriter 2021

Song Academy invites young people to get inspired over half-term

Online songwriting platform Song Academy is hosting a series of songwriting workshops for 8-18-year-olds during the February half-term holidays.

Open to young people from around the world, the workshops bring together small groups of musical young people of equal skill levels to write either collaboratively or along. Song Academy songwriting leaders will mentor the workshops which come in two forms, either one-day or three-day projects.

In the one-day workshops, up to eight children per group write an original song from scratch over 3 hours. The mentors will help them understand different song structures, creating lyrical ideas, improvising melodies and chord progressions and understand rhythms and arrangement.

The three-day individual songwriting workshops allow each of four children to write an original song of their own. Beginners, intermediate and advanced songwriters will work in separate groups for two hours per day with a Song Academy leader.

Participants will need to access Zoom and the individual songwriting workshops require access to the Soundtrap online digital audio workstation. The resulting songs can also be entered for Song Academy’s annual songwriting competition.

Details of booking and fees can be found here.

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