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Sing Up and Faber Music to publish ‘The Singing School Handbook’

'The Singing School Handbook', a joint publication from Sing Up and Faber Music written by Sing Up CEO, Michelle James, will be released on 7 November 2018. 

Sing Up and Faber Music, will release a joint publication, The Singing School Handbook, on 7 November 2018. 

Written by Sing Up CEO, Michelle James, the handbook is a how-to guide to help teachers and singing leaders harness the power of singing and turn their school into a Singing School.

The Singing School Handbook

With fewer hours being allocated to arts subjects and less provision for music in school life, The Singing School Handbook gives teachers a way of incorporating music into everyday learning.

It shows how singing can be used to enhance the teaching of core subjects while, at the same time, improving pupil engagement, self-esteem, teamwork and school morale.

With a framework that applies to any educational setting or school structure from the ages of 4-11 and beyond, The Singing School Handbook includes planning tools, case studies and troubleshooting alongside warm ups, games and song ideas.

It also offers guidance on how to start a choir, vocal leadership techniques, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) advice and vocal health information.

What is a Singing School?

According to Sing Up, a Singing School is a place where singing is at the heart of school life and where the whole school community knows and can describe what difference singing makes to their school.

Becoming a Singing School motivates everyone to work together towards a common goal while taking part in an activity they can all enjoy.

‘Singing creates well-balanced, resilient young learners’

Michelle James said:

‘The educational and social landscape for children and young people has changed significantly since Sing Up began in 2007. Pressures around academic performance often lead to arts subjects being marginalised in schools.

‘What you will find though is that music, and singing in particular, helps create well-balanced, resilient young learners with strong peer networks and friendship groups. Singing does something unique to our bodies and minds and it is this which we wish to help schools harness for all children to benefit their development and provide lifelong enjoyment.’

‘The learning experiences of children will be enriched’

Lesley Rutherford, Publishing Director for Faber Music, said:

‘We are delighted to have worked with Sing Up and Michelle James in bringing this invaluable resource for schools to publication.

‘We believe that by introducing singing into every aspect of the school day, the lives and learning experiences of children will be enriched and we are sure that The Singing School Handbook will enable teachers to achieve this.’

The Singing School Handbook is available to pre-order from Faber Music here.