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Sing Up Day video released

Sing Up has released a compilation video featuring recordings of this year's Sing Up Day song, Be the change, from schools across the world.

Sing Up has released a video featuring recordings of this year’s Sing Up Day song from schools across the world.

To mark the occasion, over 55,000 singers took part in more than 260 events across 32 countries and six continents with Sing Up receiving over 100 videos, including 25 videos from international schools.

The Sing Up Day song

The Sing Up Day 2018 song, Be the change, written by Emily Barden, remains available to download for free from the Sing Up website as well as a selection of accompanying resources.

Michelle James, CEO, Sing Up, said:

‘Being in the room with a group of children who are singing together and feeling the positive energy, hearing the child with low self-esteem finally finding their voice – these are the moments that can transform attitudes and enable a renewed focus on music to begin. If we give children opportunities to sing regularly, not only are we potentially preparing musicians and singers for the future, we are giving them a source of enjoyment, health and wellbeing for life.’

Sing Up Day returns on 13 March 2019. For more information, please click here.

Header photo: A still from the Sing Up Day 2018 video, featuring Balshaw Lane Community Primary School, UK