Sing Up celebrates 10th birthday

Sing Up celebrated its 10th birthday with an event on 7 November 2017 featuring singing from the National Teachers’ Choir, Highfield School Chamber Choir and four-piece a cappella vocal group, Mouthful.

Beginning in 2007 as a government-funded programme to reinstate singing in Primary schools, Sing Up has sustained itself entirely through earned income from Membership subscriptions since 2012 when funding ceased.

As part of its 10th birthday, the organisation has re-established its commitment to its initial objectives by setting up a new charity – the Sing Up Foundation – which will focus on singing for:

  • children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • teenagers with mental health issues
  • those affected by dementia
  • people with respiratory problems

The new foundation launched in Summer 2017 with a roundtable discussion group involving experts and practitioners from across these areas of work.

Michelle James, CEO of Sing Up, said:

‘One of the things that is apparent this evening is how many people here tonight are still working towards Sing Up’s vision – namely that regular, high-quality singing improves social and learning outcomes for our children and young people. And it’s that vision which was the foundation stone for Sing Up in 2007 and remains absolutely core to what we do now.’

Header photo: A cappella vocal group, Mouthful, performing at Sing Up’s 10th birthday

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