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Rocket Songs sources the songs that got away

With a redesigned and relaunched website, Rocket Songs has created a two-way connection between writers seeking artists for their unused songs and artists in need of original material

With a redesigned and relaunched website, US-based Rocket Songs has created a two-way connection between writers seeking artists for their unused songs and artists in need of original material.

Even the most successful songwriters have hidden caches of unused compositions, often very good ones. Rocket Songs has built its business model around sourcing and licensing this resource. Now, with a cleaner and clearer website, it has assembled a catalogue of potential hits in a format that lets performers adapt them to suit their own voices.

The thousands of unreleased songs have been curated by Rocket Songs A&R team from individual writers, managers and publishing companies. The model is designed to give artists access to original, unheard material and for writers to find a use for their un-released catalogue.

The website allows a search by genre, mood, tempo, gender, solos or duets and even similarity to other artists. Much of the material is available in a multi-track format so subscribers can alter arrangements, lyrics and melodies to suit their style. By purchasing the licence for a track at, typically, US$30 per song, customers can access stems around which to build their own version for use in their set-lists and releases.

With songs by writers who have worked with Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Willy Nelson, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson, the catalogue includes some impressive content and has attracted licences in 125 countries. Rocket Songs CEO John Cesario, who has written for Fleetwood Mac and Eddy Money, believes the system will facilitate a smooth connection between singer and song. ‘Our goal with this relaunch was to make it straightforward and affordable for people to find the right song and type of song for their musical careers,’ he said. ‘We know a lot of effort, love, time and money can go into releasing a single. We just want to make it easier.’

Cesario’s business partner and co-founder of Rocket Songs, Jonathan Stone, said the idea came after years of discussion between the two music industry veterans, ‘One key element of our business is that if you are a recording or performing artist, and you can’t write and record a song from scratch, we offer you not just the composition but the entire music bed, Stone explained. ‘If you hear a song in our catalogue and you think you can sing the heck out of it, you can purchase an upfront license, download the music bed from our website into your DAW, and record your own voice on it.’