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Sing Up Membership gives teachers access to all our teaching resources, songs and support materials in one easy-to-navigate place, empowering you to engage, enthuse and teach your pupils

About the resource

Singing schools achieve
Sing Up’s online platform and resources are designed to improve learning outcomes; your pupils will be more engaged and focused in the classroom. Use our songs to support children’s learning and develop skills, understanding, confidence and self-esteem.

The best songs
Our Song Bank has a huge variety of songs expertly arranged for young voices. Ideally suited for every school context, the songs come with high quality backing and performance tracks and notation, and are easily useable in our interactive whiteboard mode.

Saving you time
With easy-to-use online resources for teaching music and cross-curricular topics, instant streaming and downloading, and the ability to create your own playlists, Sing Up will speed up your planning time and make preparation much easier.

Sing Up’s resources are for primary, secondary, full-age range and international schools. Individual and school subscriptions are available.

Getting the resource
Sing Up

The power of music. Why sing?

At Sing Up, we know that taking part in musical activity – and singing in particular – brings about positive benefits for individuals, communities, schools and society in general. Singing supports learning, personal and social development, promotes health and well-being and bonds communities of people like no other activity.

This is our starting point for all that we do.

About Sing Up

Sing Up is a limited company which operates on a mission-driven, not-for-profit basis. Our core goal is to ensure that children and young people have opportunities to sing regularly and well for all the benefits research shows that brings. All profits after tax are reinvested in developing more songs and resources or gifted to our charity, the Sing Up Foundation.

Our Mission

Sing Up encourages and supports singing with children and young people so that they:

  • Learn to sing well and enjoy singing
  • Develop musical skills and understanding
  • Experience the wider learning and developmental benefits that singing provides
  • Experience long-term benefits to their health and well-being

Our Purpose

We do this by creating excellent, easy-to-use musical and learning resources and providing expert advice, which we make available in print and online.

Our intention is to empower teachers (and others) to lead singing and teach music with confidence and skill, reduce their workload, give them quality resources that are easy to access, easy to use, engaging for pupils and really enjoyable to work with.

Our History

Created as a UK government funded programme to reinstate singing in primary schools in 2007, by 2012 Sing Up reached 98% of all primary schools in England. Sing Up has always been a campaign, a call-to-action, and has been built from the ground up, involving teachers, schools and music educators in its development and delivery from the outset.

Since funding ceased in 2012, the organisation has sustained itself entirely through earned income from schools’ Membership subscriptions. The continued investment and support from schools is a sign of the value they place on singing and on the work of Sing Up. Since 2012 over 60% of schools in the country have paid to continue to be Sing Up Members. Additionally, tens of thousands of individual teachers continue to be Sing Up Friends, giving them access to a selection of free songs and other resources.

Sing Up has expanded to include a range of resources for Secondary schools – adding new songs for choirs and tools to support singing in the music classroom from age 11 upwards. This development is enabling expertise to be shared by both Primary and Secondary music teachers.

Sing Up now has Member schools all over the world, and continues to grow its Membership and the songs and resources available to them.

12-month Sing Up membership starts at £150+VAT. Visit the Sing Up website to obtain a quote.

Visit the Sing Up website to obtain a quote.