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The live video platform for creators. Host live talkshows, webinars, Q&As, summits and more. Designed to be as quick and painless as possible with easy setup, a single URL, and no required downloads

About the resource

The live video platform for creators
Whether you’re a business, maker or coach, Crowdcast is the simplest way to connect live

Get started in seconds
Designed to be as quick and painless as possible with easy setup, a single URL, and no required downloads

Unparalleled engagement
Interactive Q&A, chat, and polls create real conversation. Connect through HD streaming with no-delay, invite attendees on screen, and broadcast to platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live

The tools you need to grow your organisation or business
Track performance with advanced analytics, communicate with in-app emails, and connect to over 500 of your favorite tools with Zapier.

Crowdcast is for teachers and trainers, education organisations and businesses

Getting the resource

Our story

In 2014, our founder, Sai Hossain, attended a gathering in Costa Rica. While he was there, he met innovators and change-makers from all parts of the world. They each had a message to share, but didn’t know how to implement it on a global level. The video technology available at the time was complicated and expensive.

Later that same year, Sai designed and built a live streaming platform that was both easy to use and scalable. Shortly after launch, we welcomed 30,000 people for a 3-day online event (The Hack Summit). This event brought tech leaders together from around the world, and a movement was born.

Today, Crowdcast hosts over 3,000 live events with 200,000 live attendees every month. We have events led by creators, non-profits, startups, and enterprise companies. Crowdcast is home to live shows, Q&As, presentations, online concerts, summits, and much more.

Annual and monthly plans

Annual plans start at US$240 (US$20 monthly)
Monthly plans start at US$29

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