Recapturing the spirit of Hanukkah through music, film and the arts

Light 8 Nights, an organisation committed to making Hanukkah more relevant and exciting for modern audiences through music, film and the arts, has announced that it is coming to the UK.

After a soft launch in the US in 2017 which saw Light 8 Nights’ music and videos attract in excess of 2.1 million views, 14.1 thousand shares and 5,500 established unique followers, the aim for 2018 is to create a raft of unique content – 15 pieces of music, associated videos and original artwork – celebrating the message of Hanukkah.

Arthur Pingrey and Megan Liotta’s Party Like A Maccabee

With the help of musicians, Freddie-Hutton-Mills and Chesney Polis, and music industry professionals, Arthur Pingrey and Dan Berk, the project hopes to recapture the interest of younger generations of the Jewish community, spreading messages of friendship and tolerance across cultures and languages in a medium which is accessible to all.

Music and the message of Hanukkah

Light 8 Nights spokesperson, Joy Zucker, said:

‘Music transcends all divides – language, religion, culture, age – so it’s the perfect medium to unite. With last year’s launch, we had big ideas, which time and a late access to funding restricted, but we still reached an enormous number of people. More than we’d really ever anticipated in our first year.

‘This year, we’re starting early, looking for sponsors now, so that we can not just build on our success but do something truly amazing. The message of Hanukkah is so important and so universal – who wouldn’t want peace, tolerance and freedom, especially in the current international climate? – but it’s in danger of being lost amid the noise of modern life. With Light 8 Nights, our aim is to stop that from happening.’

Header photo: Light 8 Nights is committed to making Hanukkah more relevant and exciting for modern audiences

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