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Rattling the cage of the music industry lions

UK/US-based music innovation collective The Rattle has launched a new form of record label

UK/US-based music innovation collective The Rattle has launched a new form of record label.

The Venture Label is the culmination of The Rattle’s unusual approach to music development, an idea that has attracted artists, songwriters, inventors and producers such as Grammy Award-winner Imogen Heap, Feed and Alfred Nomad.

The principle of The Rattle is to do away with traditional music industry hierarchy and develop partnerships that support the artists’ needs without interfering with their creativity. Effectively, it co-invests in artists as a start-up business. To this end, The Rattle offers recording and video studios in London and Los Angeles, legal, business and marketing support, funding assistance and the benefits of a creative community.

Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computational Psychology Graduate Chris Howard, The Rattle follows a series of disruptive start-up technology businesses he has helped to create. He has developed a reputation for giving innovators the tools they need to found businesses of their own. He is a resident mentor for MIT and Exeter University and a lecturer at University College London and Hult Business School while being CEO of The Rattle.

The Rattle’s Venture Label is the latest facility of the project, which it says, ‘tosses aside the antiquated deals and contracts of major record labels in favour of equity sharing between artist and investors. This mobilises those with talent and purpose to produce counter-cultural disruption, something worthwhile and providing positive societal change.’