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RATstands announces new protective BioScreen

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RATstands, the UK based music equipment manufacturer, has expanded their product range, using their knowledge of protective screens, to create the Rshield

Announcing the new screens, RATstands’ Managing Director Glenn Chapman said:

‘This pandemic has taught us how vulnerable we are to inevitable future viruses. We need to learn from this and adapt to do everything we can to protect ourselves, so we’ve decided to expand our product range to assist people in doing just that.

‘Unlike other products, the Rshield range is carefully designed to not feel intrusive or intimidating. We want people to feel relaxed in returning to their daily lives, whilst being assured that the need for safety from the spread of infection is taken care of.’

Developed from the company’s sound protection screen (The Acoustic Screen), the Rshield range of products is designed to prevent the spread of micro-organisms and enable the implementation of social distancing within any workspace or social environment.

As well as supporting the long-term protection of students and staff in schools, RATstands has also considered the long-term environmental impact of sneeze screens. All Rshield protection screens are made from easy-to-clean materials and are stackable for compact storage, so they can be neatly stored and kept for years to come.

Flying the flag for British manufacturing, RATstands’ Rshield range is designed and made in the company’s London and Essex based facilities.

RATstands has also announced that a share of the profits from sales of the new Rshield range will go to charity.

Glenn Chapman said:

‘We want to help give back to the heroes who have looked after us during this difficult time, and who will continue to look after us. 10% of the profits made from the Rshield range will be donated to the NHS Charities Together.’

RATstands’ Marketing Manager Olivia Mason said:

‘We have been at the forefront of designing equipment for musicians for over 40 years, selling to venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Abbey Road Studios.

‘Our new product, the Rshield BioScreen, has been uniquely developed so that it can be used in any situation. The screen is portable, height adjustable, stackable, and built with the same quality as our music equipment.

‘I’m excited to see how our design can help our existing customers in the music and education industry, as well as other businesses and industries in need of long-term bio protection.’

For further information visit the RATstands website.

Author: MUSIC:ED

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