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PRS PPL campaigns to revive music while you work

Having waived licence fees to businesses that closed during the Covid lockdown, the music licensing wing of PRS and PPL is asking businesses to exploit the benefits of music as people get back to work.

The music industry has been especially hard hit during the crisis and the music licence fee for performing recorded music in business spaces is one of the few areas that could help musicians and the industry.

PPL PRS is the Leicester-based joint-venture company operated by rights societies PPL, which represents performers and record companies, and PRS for Music, which represents composers, lyricists and publishers.

They are suggesting that, with fewer concerts, festivals and live events that rely on music to entertain their customers, music in shops, salons, offices and factories would be beneficial for employees, customers, as well as the musicians who create that music.

The Restore The Rhythm campaign will be promoted through mainstream, social and trade media over the coming weeks, arguing that music helps relax people, whether customers or employees, returning to the working environment after months of isolation.

‘By playing music and purchasing TheMusicLicence, business owners and managers are helping to sustain those musicians who create and perform the music we all know and love,’ says Communications Manager Alexandra Carr.

Author: MUSIC:ED

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