PRS Emergency Relief Fund

PRS for Music launches Emergency Relief Fund

PRS for Music has announced an immediate PRS Emergency Relief Fund to support the organisation’s members during the coronavirus pandemic. The money will be available to PRS members around the world who are facing significant financial pressure.

PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a membership organisation it works to ensure that creators are paid whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. With over 100 representation agreements in place globally, PRS for Music’s network represents over two million music creators worldwide. In 2018, 11.2 trillion performances of music were reported to PRS for Music with £746m collected on behalf of its members, making it one of the world’s leading music collective management organisations.

Announcing the fund on 25 March 2020, PRS said:

‘The live industry has halted globally, television and film production is on hold and businesses are closing, causing a dramatic reduction in music used. Collectively the livelihoods of creators, many of whom are freelance or small businesses themselves, are at significant risk during this crisis.

‘While the government has offered assistance to businesses and has promised more targeted measures for freelancers, PRS members are experiencing great hardship right now.’

The new fund is open to all PRS members around the world who have earned over £500 in the last two years. Grants will be awarded based on assessment of individual need and applicants will receive support up to a value of £1000.

‘Together we can get through this’

Establishing this new PRS Fund is part of a wider plan to support members during the coming weeks, with further measures being explored. Money has been diverted to the PRS Emergency Relief Fund from paused, cancelled or postponed activities. Support has been also been identified from the PRS Members’ Fund and PRS Foundation. The scheme will be administered using the PRS Members’ Fund established grants model.

Andrea C. Martin, CEO, PRS for Music, said:

‘Our members are under threat as many parts of the music scene grind to a halt. They look to PRS for Music for leadership, for support and to be the best and most trusted collecting society in the world. Members need to eat, support their families and pay rents – without industry support the future is challenging during this terrible time. Together we can get through this.’

How to apply

  • PRS writer members wishing to apply for an Emergency Relief Fund grant can apply and find more details at
  • Grant applications will be live from 9am on Thursday 26 March

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