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NYMAZ Connect Resound clarinettist

Connect: Resound

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

MMA Magazine: 'the Connect:Resound project is enabling hundreds of pupils to benefit from instrumental lessons that they would have not been able to receive using conventional face-to-face tuition.'

Connect:Resound Project Report

  • ''70.1% of the children enjoyed the lesson ‘very much’, 16.4% ‘quite a lot’, and 13.4% only ‘a bit’.'
  • '57.1% of parents/carers said their child enjoyed the lessons ‘very much’, 24.5% stated ‘quite a lot’, 14.3% suggested ‘a bit’ and 4.1% ‘not much.'
  • 'The vast majority of pupils (92.5%) reported practising between lessons. Parents were slightly less positive about the amounts of practice when this figure dropped to 83.7%.''
  • 'Parents gave positive feedback about children’s progress, with 24.5% stating it was ‘very good’, 46.9% that it was ‘good’, and 28.6% that progress was ‘satisfactory’.'
  • 'Most of the children (74.1%) and many parents (68.2%) wanted them to continue to learn their instruments ‘quite a lot’ or ‘very much’. This is notable considering that 79.5% of parents/carers would not have tried to find instrumental lessons for their children had this opportunity not been available.'

Connect:Resound Project Report

'I would very much recommend Connect: Resound as an avenue to access music lessons.' - Headteacher

'The children were engrossed in what they were doing…we are all very impressed with the concept… As a governor I feel there are huge opportunities offered through the internet for
geographically remote schools, small schools with very limited budgets (like ours) and also for specialised teaching, not just of music but of foreign languages… In short – brilliant project well executed.' - Kevin Tasker, School Governor, Hawes CP School

'Really good, actually […] especially the individuals got further than they would in a normal lesson. I think it was because of the kids, I think they really liked doing it over the internet.' - Andy, guitar teacher

'Well, the organisation of it, if the schools on board, it's so much easier […] North Yorkshire being massive and travelling and not getting there, so actually having lessons […] rather than running from school to school […] that was great, in the office, I couldn't
get stuck in traffic.' - Daniel, woodwind teacher

'And I think that has real potential there [for online], in an ideal world […] a combination of both, [an] initial [face-to-face] meeting with the teacher […] then maybe four or five lessons over the internet, and then you have another [face-to-face] meeting, […] I think it's got real potential for […] providing opportunity for those kids that can't, or are not sure about whether they want to do an instrument, to actually make a start.' - Ian Bangay, head, North Yorkshire County

  • To identify a cost-efficient, high quality method of enhancing the music education opportunities on offer to isolated areas.

Yorkshire and Humberside

Connect: Resound explores how digital technologies can be used in rurally isolated areas to provide instrumental tuition, access to live music performances and teacher training.

Developed by NYMAZ in partnership with UCan Play, the action research project explores how digital technologies can be used to deliver music education and enrichment activities to children living in rurally isolated areas.

The project also provides schools with virtual access to unique, inspiring and high-profile music experiences as well as offering online continuing professional development opportunities to teachers and music leaders.