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Remixing Community – Pete Moser with workshop participants at CCCD in Hong Kong

Remixing Community

Hong Kong



Remixing Community is a three-year community music programme in Hong Kong, which follows 12 years of community music development between Hong Kong arts organisation, Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD), and More Music from the UK.

About Remixing Community

Based on a multicultural and inclusive perspective, practitioners of community music use different music-related techniques – including music and multi-arts games, folk songs and stories sharing, music jamming and song making – to help participants explore their emotions, thoughts and identity in community-based settings, stimulating their willingness and potential to share, create and perform.

From November 2018 to October 2021, Remixing Community will:

  • host small projects in all 18 districts of Hong Kong
  • create and run a new elders choir
  • organise annual showcase performances
  • produce recordings of songs and music

Launch and history

The Long Walk

The Long Walk

The project was launched in November 2018 with a series of workshops on the theme of Community Music Leadership run by More Music Founder, Pete Moser.

Local practitioners came together to confirm values, consider pedagogy, develop vision and continue to develop a friendship group.

The starting point for this was a More Music piece entitled The Long Walk, which was a response to the 2004 tragedy in Morecambe Bay in Lancashire in the North of England (where More Music is based) when 23 Chinese cocklers lost their lives in the sea at night.

Out of this tragedy has grown a positive programme that has involved thousands of people in Hong Kong and Southern China in music-making and community cultural development.

Pete Moser has written about this 12-year journey in 240 blog posts here.

Community music in Hong Kong

Implemented by music teachers, musicians, social workers and music therapists, community music has become a popular art form in international contexts.

In Hong Kong, some project-based implementation has also been conducted. It will  take time and effort for community music to become a constant and sustainable approach in Hong Kong.

Header photo: Pete Moser with participants from a workshop at CCCD in Hong Kong

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