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Primary school Arts Pupil Premium and £160m funding for arts education in secondary schools – Labour manifesto

In its General Election manifesto, published on 21 November 2019, Britain’s Labour Party has pledged significant financial support for arts education in schools, a radical reform of Early Years provision and an end to the ‘marketisation’ of the school system.

Key points from the Manifesto

Early Years

  • Reversal of cuts to the Sure Start scheme
  • New Sure Start Plus service focussing the under-2s
  • 150,000 new Early Years staff
  • Introduction of national pay scale


  • Schools to be properly resourced with increased longterm funding, including for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Schools to be ‘poverty-proofed’, including free school meals for all primary school children
  • Academies and free schools to be brought under local authority control
  • Ofsted to be replaced by new body designed to drive school improvement
  • ‘Off-rolling’ to be ended by making schools accountable for the outcomes of pupils who leave their rolls
  • Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs and baseline assessments to be scrapped
  • Primary class size limited to 30
  • Private schools’ ‘tax loopholes’ to be closed

Further  Education and Lifelong Learning

  • Reintroduction of Education Maintenance Allowance
  • Free lifelong training entitlement to training up to Level 3 and six years’ training at Levels 4-6
  • Additional entitlements for workers in industries significantly affected by industrial transition
  • Reform of existing careers advice

Higher Education

  • Abolition of tuition fees and reintroduction of maintenance grants
  • Development of new funding formula for HE ensuing adequate funding for teaching and research and widening of access to HE

Arts and culture

  • Arts Pupil Premium introduced to every primary school in England
  • £160m to ensure creative and arts education is embedded in secondary education
  • £1bn Cultural Capital fund for libraries, museums and galleries
  • New Town of Culture competition
  • Consultation on ways to address the gender imbalance in the digital creative industries
  • Review of copyright framework

Read the Labour Party manifesto below