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‘Primary Colours’ report reveals decline in Primary arts education

A new Fabian Society report, 'Primary Colours', has revealed that 68% of Primary teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010.

A new Fabian Society report, Primary Colours, has revealed that two-thirds (68%) of Primary school teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010 and half (49%) say the quality of what there is has worsened.

The  report presents new findings from a Fabian/YouGov survey of a representative sample of 348 Primary school teachers and a Fabian survey of 53 arts providers across England.

Primary Colours‘ recommendations for reform

Published in partnership with the charity, Children & the Arts, and the Musicians’ UnionPrimary Colours concludes that the Government must take immediate steps to reverse the decline of arts education in Primary schools and makes eight recommendations for reform, including:

  • increased and ring-fenced school funding for arts education in English Primary schools worth £150m through an arts education premium for every Primary school
  • an arts specialist available for every Primary school in England with increased arts training for all teachers
  • a greater priority for the arts in the English national curriculum, including expanding the guidance given to schools for arts and music education and creating new foundation subjects for drama and dance
  • free music or singing lessons for three years for every Primary school child in England who wishes to learn

To read Primary Colours, please click here.