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Portsmouth Music Hub wins global environmental awards

Portsmouth Music Hub has been recognised for its contribution to education at an awards ceremony in London.

Musicians and composers from the hub, accompanied by teachers and a choir of 30 primary-aged children, took centre stage at The Green Apple Environmental Awards on 25 November 2020. The ceremony took place at the Houses of Parliament and the Music Hub was there to be recognised for its One World environmental campaign, which since its launch in 2018 has been harnessing the power of music and the arts to highlight local and global environmental problems and solutions.

The Green Apple Environmental Awards recognises environmental best practices around the world. Other winners included Lloyds Banking Group, The Environment Agency and Network Rail. Organised by The Green Organisation, The Green Apple Environmental Awards are part of the global Green World Awards, with entries from Governments, Ministries and Regional Authorities as well as companies and communities from across the private and public sectors.

Portsmouth Music Hub won two awards, the Green Champion for Innovation in Education and the Champion of Champions Award.

At the awards ceremony, children from St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School and St Edmunds Catholic School in Portsmouth performed the One World Anthem, filling the corridors of power with the sound of ‘planet-saving’ voices.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said:

‘Tens of thousands of children, their teachers and parents have all played a part in our One World campaign. In the past year we’ve held beach cleans, art and poetry competitions, we have produced concerts and workshops in schools, and our composers have created a songbook that addresses a range of environmental issues. We’ve worked with environmental organisations and charities and even performed our One World song for the BBC. Music and the Arts have been a springboard to communicate important messages to children and young people, who are enthusiastically making the changes needed to save and protect our planet.’

Roger Wolens, the founder of the Green Apple Awards, said:

‘I’m delighted by Portsmouth Music Hub’s great success at The Green Apple Environmental Awards. The judges were hugely impressed by the Music Hub’s One World campaign which has powerfully combined musicality and creativity, whilst highlighting important environmental issues with children and young people. Children are the next generation, they will inherit our planet and its precious resources, and the creativity of the Music Hub has asked them to stop and think and change behaviours.’