Pete Rock teams with Tracklib to find the next great hip-hop production master

Pete Rock

Pete Rock, sample master and producer for Run DMC, Public Enemy, Nas, Jay-Z and Kanye West, is offering a remote, one-on-one masterclass in a competition created by subscription sample library Tracklib.

Up-and-coming producers are invited to build their own beats from the masters or multitracks of the track Handle With Care by Ben Aiken on the Tracklib site and submit it by 28 November.

Pete Rock will choose the winning entry, whose creator will win an Akai MPC Live II Retro music production center signed by Pete Rock, a remote session with Pete Rock on video call from his New York studio, a one-year standard subscription to Tracklib, a $50 Category C Sample Licence and a video shout-out from Pete Rock himself.

The samples must be downloaded via Tracklib and entrants can submit as many beats as they like. No unlicensed samples may be used in the entries and no more than 60 seconds of each beat can be uploaded.

As Pete Rock admits, he has spent many hours having to battle with sample clearances, which is one of the reasons he, and many of his peers have taken to using Tracklib, whose sample library includes well-known works from across the decades and the musical spectrum. ‘I think Tracklib can change how people make music by letting the freedom of sampling take place.’

Further details of the competition can be found on the Tracklib website

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