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‘Our Musical Planet’: NYO presents socially distanced Holst

Musicians are invited to take part in 'Our Musical Planet', NYO's live, socially distanced performance of 'Jupiter' from Holst's 'The Planets' on 29 May

The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYO) is inviting musicians and singers to take part in a live, socially distanced performance of Jupiter from Holst’s The Planets entitled Our Musical Planet at 5pm on Friday 29 May.

NYO musicians past and present have created the tools needed to take part in the performance.

Participants can:

  • play a solo performance by downloading the parts, sharing live at 5pm on 29 May
  • remix the sounds from Jupiter on GarageBand or LogicPro by downloading the orchestral sounds and sharing live at 5pm on 29 May
  • sing the Song of the Planet – with lyrics by poet Probably Tomfoolery released on Instagram live at 6pm on 21 May – live at 5pm on 29 May
  • perform with others by downloading parts in the NYO’s five-part arrangement and play live at 5pm on 29 May

The music has been arranged so that musicians can take part on any instrument not just those that feature in the orchestra. Each part is suitable to certain instruments with the most appropriate parts available as follows:

  • Violin, Flute, Oboe, Soprano Recorder: Instruments in C Treble Clef
  • Viola: Instruments in C Alto Clef
  • Cello, Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba: Instruments in C Bass Clef
  • Clarinet, Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone: Instruments in Bb
  • Alto Saxophone, Baritone, Saxophone: Instruments in Eb
  • French Horn: Instruments in F

Our Musical Planet

The NYO said:

‘If we were able to hear as we looked down on the earth from space, we would be blown away by the diversity and richness of our incredible musical planet.

‘And as we zoom in closer, we know this planet is powered by all the billions of musical citizens, creating their own music that lights up their local community, before radiating outwards to create musical towns, musical cities, and musical communities that transcend borders.

‘That’s why we are asking you to power up our musical universe by igniting the relationships you can make closer to home and creating the local connections that make up our musical planet at 5pm on 29 May.’

For more information and to download parts and sound files, please click here.

Header photo: Members of National Youth Orchestra (YouTube)