Orchestral Tools launches gentle wind instruments sample library


The German music software company Orchestral Tools has released a new creative soundpack called Whisper, featuring a palette based around four softly-played wind instruments.

The flute, muted cornet, flugelhorn and bass clarinet samples include pads, plucks and keys with very soft legato and a range of short, expressive and long swells. All can be programmed as a group to create ensemble sounds.

‘We designed Whisper to produce a rich sonic palette of delicate, breathy textures,’ said Orchestral Tools Founder and CEO Hendrik Shwarzer. ‘From murmuring winds and drifting melodies to billowy, atmospheric soundscapes, it’s the perfect addition to any sound designer or composer’s toolkit.’

As with Orchestral Tools Berlin Series orchestras, the instruments were recorded in three microphone positions with multiple articulations to 24 bit/48KHz standard. DAW integration is facilitated through Orchestral Tools’ free SINEplayer app and the system is compatible with Mac OS 10.13 and Windows 10 with VST and AU interfaces.

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