Online Music Exams offers a Covid-safe solution

GIrl at keyboard

A new digital platform to ease the process of gaining accredited music qualifications has been launched by Online Music Exams (OME), which is reaching out to music institutions and exam boards to encourage them to use the system.

The platform, using OME’s proprietory SARA technology, is designed to allow students assessment in all areas of music exams, including performance pieces, aural tests, sight-reading, improvisation and theory without pre-booking and in any time zone. SARA automatically records students’ performances, which are assessed by a DBS-cleared examiner within 24 hours. The aim is to be more affordable, less-stressful, more inclusive and environmentally friendly.

OME is launching initially with rock guitar, singing, piano and music theory exams run by The Learning Machine, The Awarding Organisation accredited by the UK government’s Ofqual department and Qualifications in Wales (QiW).

OME says that currently most online courses are only completed by about 20% of students in any subject. One of the primary reasons for this is because the qualifications are not sufficiently respected. OME says its SARA system is ideal for globally accredited UK and EU qualifications such as those they are now running. It is encouraging other providers of accredited qualifications, from universities to YouTubers, to take advantage of SARA’s automated assessment which is Covid-19-compliant and has global reach.

Through such partnerships OME believes it will attract a willing market of quality music students from around the world at a time when most music schools have been shuttered.

OME’s partners include The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, The Modern Music School and Orange Amplification.

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