Online Music Exams credited as a Creative Industries Council ‘one to watch’

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The CreaTech 100 Ones To Watch list is a showcase of innovative UK-based companies working on creative technology. Online Music Exams (OME), the browser-based music exams platform established by three London musicians, was picked by the Creative Industries Council in the Start-Up category.

The OME system uses SARA, an automated examiner, to allow students to take their exams online, from any location and at any time. SARA picks course questions as random and sends the student’s performances and answers to a human examiner to be marked. The marked exam is then sent to The Learning Machine, the Government awarding body, which moderates the exam for quality and then awards the student the appropriate credits in as little as 24 hours.

SARA’s AI is under constant development by its author, Tanmay Bakshi, the 17-year-old Canadian systems architect, and will soon include different languages to talk to the students. Its machine learning system will even be able to make up melodies for singing students to echo.

OME is working with a number of partners around the world and aims to deliver over 400,000 UK and EU accredited qualifications per annum over the next five years.

The CreaTech One-To-Watch list is chosen across five key critieria: Surprise, Purpose, Disruption, Opportunities for global collaboration/cross-sectoral impact and Commercial impact.

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