National Plan for Music Education 2011

The importance of music: a national plan for music education in England

About the document

The 2011 National Plan for Music Education outlines the government’s aims for music education in England between 2011-2020. The document describes effects on schools, Local Authorities and private music teachers.

Publication date: 25 November 2011

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To an outside observer of the music education system in England, the world of music (education) hubs (or are they music services?) is confusing, to say the least. In this article, we try to clarify what hubs are and what they do. This information is specific to England – the systems in other parts of the UK are different.


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  1. […] The current National Plan was first published in 2011 and established the music education hubs across England. The DfE wants the 2020 edition of the Plan ‘to help reflect advances in technology in the way music is created, recorded and produced, and to reassess the music education young people benefit from at school’, and aims to ‘level up opportunities for children from all backgrounds to take part in musical education, including the chance to learn how to play an instrument, perform in a choir or band, and develop a lifelong love of music’. […]