New online music courses for teachers from Musitex

Online learning

Professional development provider Musitex has announced three short courses for teachers, delivered online, starting in May 2020.

Following a successful launch of Teaching Music Online in April, Musitex is repeating the course for two cohorts, with timings aimed at teachers from the UK/Europe and the US respectively. This is an intensive, three-week course for classroom teachers, ensemble directors and peripatetic teachers who have moved their teaching online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are two new, complementary courses, Audio for Online Learning and Video for Online Learning. These will guide participants in creating materials for their lessons. Audio for Online Learning will show teachers how to produce high quality audio for live broadcasts and recordings. Video for Online Learning will guide students in planning, recording and editing tutorial videos for their students.

CPD certificates are available for all three classes.

Further information

There is a MUSIC:ED bundle rate of US$99 covering all three courses.

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