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New guidelines for music teachers in Scotland

The Scottish Government has said that one-to-one music lessons for children may resume within strict guidelines.

Although the government recommends continuing virtual classrooms wherever possible, teaching with two metre distancing in well-ventilated spaces is considered acceptable in low risk group settings. Equipment must not be shared and singers should not face the teacher to reduce aerosol distribution of the virus.

Youth choirs and group singing inside are still considered too risky, according to the published guidelines, which state that, ‘singing, especially in groups, is considered a higher risk activity at present because of the potential for aerosol production and the absence presently of developed scientific analysis to assess this specific risk.

‘The risk is lower for younger children, but as this would usually involve adults as well as children participating, it is recommended that singing indoors does not take place inside premises where organised activities for children and young people can be carried out, at this time.’

Full details can be found here.

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