Musicians’ Union announces support for Keir Starmer in Labour leadership contest

Keir Starmer - UK Parliament official portraits 2017

The UK Musicians’ Union (MU), the trade union for working musicians with a membership of over 31,000, has announced its endorsement of Keir Starmer as its preferred Labour Party leadership candidate.

Rosena Allin-Khan
Rosena Allin-Khan

The Union’s Executive Committee, during its meeting on the 5 February, also confirmed its support for former MU member Rosena Allin-Khan in her campaign to become Deputy Leader.

Keir Starmer said:

‘I’m honoured to have the Musicians’ Union’s backing to be the next leader of the Labour Party. The Union has a proud history of standing up for musicians and defending their rights at work. As Labour leader, I would want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our trade unions to unite our movement and take the fight to the Tories.’

Horace Trubridge, MU General Secretary, said:

‘The MU is delighted to be nominating Keir Starmer for Labour Party leader. Keir has been a strong supporter of the campaigning we have done over the last two years for proper provision of working visas for musicians to tour the EU after we leave and has always shown a real understanding of the issues facing our members.

‘The MU is also very happy to be nominating Rosena Allin-Khan for the position of Labour Party deputy leader. Rosena is a musician and former member of our union and is passionate about all children and young people having access to free music education. She has also been a great supporter of musicians whilst working on the Shadow DCMS team.’

Freedom of movement for musicians across Europe

Rosena Allin-Khan said:

‘I am so honoured to have received the endorsement of the Musicians’ Union. They supported me through a challenging time when I was a young musician, and I am so pleased that they continue to support me now.

‘I am truly committed to all children and young people having a free musical education, something that for most, is now prohibitively expensive. I am also worried about the impact of Brexit on performing artists and aspiring talent. At a time when musical education is so inaccessible, it is ever more important to have freedom of movement for musicians across Europe.’

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