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Music Teachers Association launches blogging project with BJME

Dr Steven Berryman, Curriculum Lead for the Music Teachers Association, has launched a collective blogging project working with the editors of the British Journal of Music Education (BJME), Martin Fautley and Ally Daubney.

Martin, Ally and Steven have curated a selection of articles from the journal – generously made free to access by CUP for one year – that highlight some of the key debates in Music Education in the classroom.

Teachers will have an article to read each week, and can submit a response by the end of the week. Responses are gathered together to form one blog post shared on MUSIC:ED.

This is the second iteration of a blogging series from the MTA – the first responding to the excellent Learning to Teach Music in Secondary School, and involving a daily blog (more details here on the ISC blog ‘Cross-sector collaboration keeps professional learning alive’ – ISC) with teachers from across the UK contributing their responses to a daily question.

This new blogging series has a slower pace, with one article and one post per week, but hopes to encourage teachers to engage with the wealth of articles in the BJME and to promote meaningful reflection on classroom practice.

Get involved

  • All are welcome to contribute and further details of the articles (and how to submit a response) are here.
  • The Music Teachers Association has a special issue of their Ensemble magazine focussing on the curriculum due to be published in the summer term. They’re looking for submissions of article ideas and like the blogging series, welcome a range of experiences and voices involved in music education. More details here on the submission form.

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