Music shops start to re-open

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With trading restrictions on non-essential shops in England being lifted from 15 June, music retailers are beginning to open their doors again.

The Music Industries Association, retailers’ national trade body, is supporting its membership by creating resources and online training to help shops adjust to the ‘new normal’, including advice about health and safety, social distancing and staffing.

Specialist retailer Just Flutes, based in South London, will be re-opening on 15 June but with several new measures in place to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

The shop will open by appointment only, with only one customer in the shop at any one time, and all instruments will be cleaned with medical-grade ultraviolet light and alcohol, and quarantined for 72 hours after use.

According to the company, the latest scientific advice suggests that, because of the way the air stream projects when blowing a side-blown instrument, the usual 2 metre distancing should be replaced with a 5 metre distance from a flute player, and therefore staff will not be allowed to enter the practice room with you while customers are playing. The company has been offering Skype and Facetime video consultations during lockdown (including for international customers) and will continue this service following the shop’s re-opening.

Retailers are also providing advisory video resources for customers and players concerned about instrumental hygiene.

A video from Warwick Music, the manufacturer of the pBone trumpet

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