Music Services in Wales Feasibility Study, January 2020

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The Music Services Feasibility Study is a report commissioned by the Welsh Government that identifies and assesses options for future delivery of music education in Wales.

Publication date: 7 January 2020

About the report

The brief for this feasibility study was concerned with identifying and assessing options for the future delivery of Music Services in Wales. It was to consider existing methods of delivery of education services across Wales, identify best practice, consider alternative models in line with the needs and demands for such services, and consider the feasibility of the options available. A particular focus rested upon considering whether or not responsibility for delivery should be transferred to a single national ‘arm’s-length’ body, presenting options in respect of what form this body should take and considering whether or not a National Plan for Music Education should be prepared.

‘Developing a National Plan for Music Education that is endorsed by key stakeholders is an important first step in ensuring that national consistency and coherence can be achieved. It will therefore be important to initially test the options as put forth in this report with all key stakeholders.’


  • The development of a National Plan for Music Education should be considered.
  • The Welsh Government should consider whether a new organisation is required to develop and deliver the plan. The suggested options should be tested with strategic stakeholders and providers of Music Education Services.
  • Schools are the key decision makers in how music education is delivered. Further research should be considered to examine how they make this decision and what factors they consider.
  • Sustainability of the music tutor workforce is a cause for concern. Further work should be considered to gain the views of music tutors regarding their terms and conditions.

Music Services Feasibility Study Final Report 2020-01-07

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