Music Mark appoints Samantha Spence to implement diversity strategy

Samantha Spence

The music education membership organisation Music Mark has employed a consultant, Samantha Spence, to help its members address issues of diversity, inclusion and representation.

The music education services and hubs, teachers, schools and other bodies which make up the membership of the charitable organisation sought to respond to the Black Lives Matter protests in a positive way. After a tendering process, Spence was chosen for her wide experience as an advocate for marginalised and disadvantaged people. She had already played an active role in a Music Mark’s professional development day for music tutors and had impressed the Music Mark team.

Music Mark’s CEO Bridget Whyte said, ‘I am so delighted to be working with Samantha on this piece of vital work for Music Mark and its membership. We have always recognised the importance of being an inclusive organisation but are aware that we are perhaps not being proactive enough in this aspiration.

There is huge disparity and under-representation in our workforce, especially at the top

‘The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted to everyone the significance of not just being inclusive, but also of considering unconscious bias. We are looking forward to the challenge and inspiration that Samantha will provide through her work and working with her to encourage our membership to be challenged and inspired too.’

Samantha Spence added, ‘In the music education sector there is huge disparity and under-representation of groups such as Black, Asian and people of colour in our workforce, especially at the top.

‘Why is this? What is the impact on children and young people? How can we achieve a more culturally diverse workforce at all levels and greater diversity within programmes and activities offered?’

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