Performers at the 2018 Music for Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall © Music for Youth

Music for Youth announces new programming including 2020 Barbican concert

UK charity, Music for Youth (MfY), celebrates its 50th birthday year in 2020 and will start a new relationship with the Barbican with an event in the Barbican Hall on 23 March.

MFY will also bring live events to new venues and cities across the UK.

Proving that any collaboration is possible

The new initiative will bring together different genres in ‘curated collaborations’: orchestras performing with RnB artists; wind ensembles accompanying beat boxers; steel drum groups collaborating with choirs, DJs, rappers and MCs.

According to the charity, ‘Proving that any collaboration is possible, Music for Youth will showcase the diversity and breadth of music in the UK more than ever before’.

This new relationship with the Barbican expands on Music for Youth’s introduction of its Frequencies events in 2014, which saw MfY reach young people creating music beyond the school environment and collaborating with peers and upcoming artists.

Judith Webster, Music for Youth Chief Executive, said:

‘In 2020, we are celebrating 50 years of incredible music-making across the UK and, to do this, we’re shaking up our annual events programme by showcasing the next generation of young musicians and music-makers through an inspired set of events.

‘The Barbican event for 2020 is the first of many relationships that we will announce in our birthday year and we are thrilled to share these with you.’

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