Music education podcast shines a light on responses to pandemic

Music for education wellbeing pandemic series

The Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast has recently broadcast a mini-series looking at how UK music education and community music organisations have been continuing to provide services and support to young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The seven-episode mini-series features: Ben O’Sullivan from The Music Works; Helen Murray from Nottingham Music Hub; Neil Phillips from Awards for Young Musicians; Emma Coulthard from Cardiff County & the Vale of Glamorgan Music Service; Steph Dickinson from Pie Factory Music; Stuart Birnie from Services for Education Music Service, Birmingham; and Sally Cathcart from The Curious Piano Teachers.

They discuss how they started to formulate their responses to the situation; what they are currently offering; the response from young people, parents and schools; the challenges for inclusion in taking activities online; the effect this may have on the way they work in the future; and each interviewee shares tips and advice based on their own learning over these past few months.

The Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast features guests from as far afield as Australia, Canada, the United States and the UK, who are making change through music – in music education, community music, music therapy and beyond. The purpose is to share ideas, inspiration and practical advice particularly around breaking down barriers to music, through communications, advocacy and inclusive practice.

The conversations are hosted by Anita Holford, of Writing Services, and the Music Education Works website. Anita is a communications practitioner who helps music/arts organisations with a social or educational purpose to promote the value and impact of what they do, tell their stories and sell their services.

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