MTB exams board enhances support for teachers and learners, confirms continuity

MTB online examinations

International music examinations board MTB has confirmed that their grade 1-8 exams will continue without disruption during the Covid-19 outbreak. The organisation has also introduced a number of new measures to support affected teachers and learners.

The new features are:

  • Exams over webcam: The exam can now be recorded and submitted to MTB by the student/parent using the MTB app on their phone or tablet. The teacher/centre conducts and verifies this exam over webcam
  • Free choice pieces: Candidates can now enter an exam with up to three free choice pieces. They will still need to prepare the other components of an MTB exam including: scales, technical, reading & listening exercises.  All of these elements can be downloaded for free from the MTB website
  • Optional accompaniments: Accompaniments are now optional over this period

Further information on MTB exams and this update can be found on the Board’s website.

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